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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who Killed Anna Politkovskaya?

Yesterday, Russian journalist and patriot Anna Politkovskaya of Novaya Gazeta was murdered. She gave her life for her country more fearlessly than any Russian soldier, for she fought without a gun. Who killed her?

There's only one answer to that question: The Russian people. They are far more dangerous to Russia's future than any foreign enemy.

They killed her when they voted for a proud KGB spy to become their "president," just as surely as if they'd placed a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

They killed her before she died, by breaking her heart, as she watched dozens of her colleagues gunned down, sued, arrested and imprisoned for daring to tell the truth, while the cowardly Russian people stood idly by and did nothing.

They killed her when they allowed the Kremlin to take over national television, and bring back the Soviet national anthem, showing that they'd learned nothing from decades of totalitarian horror at the hans of the Soviet dictatorship.

They killed her just like they killed Pushkin and Lermontov, as they tried to kill Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn, by creating a climate in which their Kremlin overlords have no hesitation in liqudating those who dare to criticize, a climate in which the definitions of "patriot" and "traitor" are reversed.

The Russian people killed Anna Politkovskaya. Right now, they are in the early stages of conducting a pogrom against Georgians, including children, for no better reason than naked greed and imperialism. And, to all appearances, they will go on killing until there is nobody left in Russia. Only then will they be satisfied.

There is still a chance for them to turn back from the precipice of Doom. But time is running out. Soon it will be too late.

{NB: Of course, there can be no Sunday Funnies today. One wonders if it will ever be possible to have them again. Rest in peace, Anna. History will remember you as the hero you were.}


Anna Medley said...

I am so pissed, Kim, I cannot even gether my pissed thoughts together. You are so right, it is scary. Damn it, damn it! Best people, the Russia's only hope are being murdered. Anna Politkovskaia... another victim of all the evil.

La Russophobe said...

ANNA: Me too! I'm so pissed I didn't even realized I couldn't gather my pissed thoughts until you mentioned it! And worse than that I'm even a little scared, which is truly freaking me out. I mean, I knew this stuff was going to happen, that's what the blog's all about after all, but even I didn't think it would happen so fast. The only consolation is that at least A.P. won't have to see what comes next, and that now we'll have the motivation not to let her down.

brett_mcs said...

Those who resort to violence are weak.

brett_mcs said...

The difference to the Soviet era is that information is flowing more freely, thanks to La Russophobe and others. Let's hope that this will be enough to eventually overcome this terrible setback and win through in the end.

17 ugly raccoons said...

About dead - good or nothing.

Politkovskaya is dead.

It is good.

I hope Babitsky, Latynina and other Felgengauers will join her in Hell soon. Russia without them will be much better place, by my Russian opinion. Opinions of non-Russians are not relevant in that matter.

Mind your own business.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY RACOON: I'd almost like to kiss you for leaving that comment, it says far better than I could the Neo-Soviet state that modern Russia is in. Maybe today you and the Kremlin think alike, but did you ever pause to consider what will happen tomorrow, when you don't, when your family displeases the Kremlin because it has the wrong color carpet or wears blue jeans?

17 ugly raccoons said...

I am Russian, I am living in Russia, I am against Putin (and made it clear in my blog without hiding my identity), I do wear jeans (blue and sometimes black) and I am not afraid. These are facts. If your theories aren't compatible with these facts, I suggest you to correct your theories. Or ban my messages so you'll not be disturbed.

BTW, when Dantes became Russian?

winsc2 said...

I heard the news and wept. I can't even put into words why. For her. For Russia. For all those there for whom this is going to be the most deperate news, who still had hope while people like Anna were still alive and working. What hope for Russia now?

I remember where I was when I heard about JFK. I will never forget yesterday, where I was, what I felt.

I am so, so sad.

The nation is run by a former member of an organisation that was responsible for mass murder, who has never publicly turned his back on the organisation, and who has never condemned it for the atrocities it committed. When violence and bloodshed are in the DNA of the government and its head of state what else can you expect?


La Russophobe said...

WINNY: The only hope would be if she became a martyr whose demise could motivate others to join the fight. But unfortunately, with TV being in the hands of the Kremlin, most people won't even realize that there is a fight going on. It's rather suprising how widely it's being conceded that this is an act of the Kremlin, though, and perhaps there's some hope to be found in that for purposes of galvanizing opinion outside Russia. For sure, we must not allow her to have perished in vain.

UGLY RACCOON: Censor you? You must be kidding. I'd love it if you wrote a book on this blog. You have a blog?? What blog? There's no blog behind your screen name. The people who informed on their neighbors in the time of Stalin weren't afraid either. Not until they heard the knocks on their own doors. I guess you are against Putin because he's too moderate, right? Not killing people fast enough for you I guess.

17 ugly raccoons said...

LR: Oh, I'm not kidding, I'm speaking from my experience - the more 'democratic', 'open' and 'free thinking' site is, the quicker I get banned from there, he-heh. My blog? Check yandex on 17ur; I keep my blog on LJ, as most Russian bloggers.

I said I'm against Putin, so I don't 'inform on my neighbors'. And I'm against him and his cronies because they're thieves, appointed successors of Yeltsin's thieves, who are stealing from Russia and selling stolen to the West, and West benefits from it.

About killings... 50,000 per year in RF. That is real tragedy, not the thing that one of victims named Politkovskaya. A.P. did much for today's order, so she got what she deserved like Starovoytova or Yushenkov. I hope all late-Soviet liberals who invested in 'freedom', 'democracy' and other propaganda phantoms will get the same treatment. Revolution eats her own children.

winsc2: The crimes known to average westerner as 'repressions', 'purges' and so on, were committed by courts, not by KGB or its predecessors. These guys were executors, not murderers, they had a lawful order for each shot. Criminals were judges who sentenced innocent or not-so-much-guilty people to death. But it's so much easier to follow stereotypes, isn't it?

winsc2 said...

17 UR: Keep it coming. You are making a fool of yourself. Your comments are so pathetic they hardly deserve a response. I thought people like you only existed as stereotypes. Now I know they are real.

Let the world see you are you really are - someone who thinks they are so so clever while they are in reality just a contemptible barbarian.

The next thing you will be boasting is that you would have pulled the trigger if you had been there. Uh?


La Russophobe said...

UGLY: Well, you're certainly not speaking from experience with THIS BLOG, so I'd suggest you keep your fat lying mouth shut in that regard. "Check yandex on 17ur"? Are you nuts or just drunk? Just give me the address, if there is one. I'd love to check out the psychotic ramblings of a Russophile maniac as sick as you.

I guess you think the Germans had a "lawful order" for each Russian they killed so that's just fine with you, right? And when the KGB comes for you with a "lawful order" that will be fine too, right?

Anna Medley said...

UGLY is an extremelly amusing display of an individual. Never seen such a textbook-like case of paranoia. Hey, man, did you know that Putin is a secret agent of Israeli inteligence and is working to destroy Russia and make it a part of Ukraine with american-born governor? Does not make sense? Well, then this is just what doctor prescribed for you!

17 ugly raccoons said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
17 ugly raccoons said...

winsc2: yes, yes, I'm so low and you're so great. Do you have to answer something about mechanics of repressions you spoke of, or you'll just admit your incompetence in that question?

About me pulling the trigger: no, it would be clearly against the law.

LR: So you don't even know what yandex is, and giving you my name on LJ is useless... amazing. And what exactly about was I lying? Was I lying about my ban from other sites? Can you prove I was lying before throwing accusations?

My blog:

And if you want some real opinions about Innocent Maiden Politkovskaya, try this, just be careful not to faint:

I highly recommend blog of Pioneer, you'll have endless material for your ramblings.

German hadn't lawful orders to kill Russians, because Russians weren't in their authority. And when KGB or militia come for me with lawful order - yes, I'll cooperate, as you will cooperate when FBI or police comes for you with correct papers.

anna medley: yep, reductio qua absurdum. Well, if you have nothing to say more...

P.S. comment rewritten, links added.

La Russophobe said...


You were lying about the possiblity that I would ban your comments from this blog. What's more, you haven't apologized now that you see how wrong you were. For future reference, it's best to take a little rest from the vodka before you write something. You're also a liar in saying that I don't know what Yandex is. I said I WOULDN'T look up your blog, not that I COULDN'T. I simply have better things to do, and if you have a blog there's no reason you can't post the address like a normal quasi-human.

Thanks for the handy list of psycho Russian nationalist screeds including your own, I'm sure they'll prove very useful. Now, was that so hard to do? You could have done it the first time and saved a lot of trouble.

Now, I guess you're asking me which I find more convincing, your psychobabble or that of the world-famous newspapers listed here:

(right below this post).

I suppose you'll be "shocked, shocked" to learn that I find the world's press more credible than you. The things you are saying about Anna are exactly the same things that the Politburo said about Solzhenitsyn. And guess where the Politburo is today? Same place you and your ilk will be a few decades from now, if not sooner.

brett_mcs said...

A few decades from now? The average Russian male over 27 will be dead in a few decades.

17 ugly raccoons said...

LR: try to read my posts carefully. 'I suggest you... ban my messages'. Suggestion cannot be a lie or a truth, it is not an assumption or a statement. Suggestion may be appropriate or unappropriate, acceptable or unacceptable.

About yandex. When I gave you enough info to locate my blog, you refused to do it saying 'just give the address... I'd love to check out' yadda yadda yadda. So I made the conclusion: you were incapable to handle information I given you. If one would love to check out but doesn't it, then he/she has not enough info or cannot handle this info properly, and I gave you enough info. Ergo you cannot handle it. So there is nothing to apologize for. Next time you should just be clearer and save yourself, as you said, 'a lot of trouble'.

About handy list of eeeeevil. Just check LJ-community no88here, you'll find much more nicknames - AFAIK, they posted a list with over 700 names.

About what you find more convincing - you may find more convincing anything you want. Problem is, main theme was an attitude to death of A.P.. 'She's dead and it is good' was my message and I stand by it. I have no goal to convince you abandon your ways, you are more useful for Russian cause as you are now.

The things I am saying about A.P. probably are not the things Politburo said about Solzh - firstly, he's alive and have been alive at that time, secondly, there is no stenogram of what they were saying.

About predictions - it is a pointless question. You are entitled to your truths and errors, as I entitled to mine.

Your useless attempts to insult me are beneath me and pointless as well.

brett mcs: yes, and average Western male will live forever.

La Russophobe said...

BRETT: LOL! Very nice. You'll put me out of work if you keep that up.

Anonymous said...

Don't belive russian people killed her. Who in Russia knew something about Politkovskaya when she was alive? I did. Only cause I worked in 'Novaya Gazeta' as showbiznes reporter one year. But all my friends knew nothing about her. There was no limit to buy and to read 'Novaya Gazeta' and all her books. You have to understand us (russians) why we don't like her. What did she wrote? 'I HATE PUTIN', 'PUTIN IS WORSE THAN STALIN', 'I HAVE AN AVERSION TO PUTIN'. I don't want to read this. I have my own time and I spend it to my buissness. Not for dirty politiks.
Putin sad this murder is ugley and nothing can excuse killing of a woman and mother.
I think it was enough of condolence.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad...
I've been living in Russia for a long time and i can asure you guys, that Russia is a country without future...
Russian couples don't want any children cause they are afraid that they can't afford them. Russia is a country for rich corrupt bastards who built their fortune on bones and blood of others.
The Death of Anna is a proof of killed democracy ( if there was any..)
She is a hero in my eyes and i will fight for freedom of mankind too...even if it takes my life!

cheers, M. from Holland