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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Terrible Trio, Looney Lemmings, and the Sickening Sixteen

The Angus Reid consultancy reports that in the most recent Levada Center polling, Kremlin lieutenant/lapdog Dmitry Medvedev has vaulted into first place as the preferred candidate among 1,600 Russian queried, recording 14% support (up from 10% in August, which was down from 10.3% in May). In the last poll, Medvedev was tied at 10% with crypto-fascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who has now fallen to 8% and is in third place just behind Communist Gennady Zyuganov with 9%. Zhirinovsky is still ahead of the 7.3% support he recorded in May, while Zyuganov improved from 6.8% in May and 8% in August.

So in the 2008 presidential race, which will be by far the most important political event in Russia's history, nearly one third of Russia's voters (31%) are content to cast their ballots either for a communist, a fascist or the sycophant of a KGB spy. Isn't that comforting?

But it gets worse, much worse. In the most recent poll, a nearly equal number of Russians (26%) say that they will not participate in the election at all, while a similar-sized group (27%) indicates that it has no idea who to vote for.

What can we say about the remaining 16% of the population? Well, that is the segment of the Russian popluation that is prepared to participate in the political process with some semblance of intelligence and without voting for a communist, fascist or KGB spy. Who are their preferences? In order, they are Sergei Ivanov (KGB sycophant #2), Vladimir Ryzhkov, Sergei Glazyev (crypto-Communist #2), Grigory Yavlinsky, Mikhail Kasyanov and Dmitry Rogizin (crypto-fascist #2). Among those who actually represent some sort of opposition to dictatorship and continued disaster in Russia, namely Ryzhkov, Yavlinsky and Kasyanov, none received as much as 5% support.

84% of the country, by contrast, seems to feel things are pretty much OK in Russia, certainly nothing to get worked up about. They're not terribly concerned with an average monthly wage of $300, or with an average male lifespan below 60. They couldn't care less, really, whether Russia annexes Georgia or fights a war in Ingushetia, and it certainly doesn't matter to them if their government provokes the USA into a second cold war by sending weapons to arch American foes like Iran and Venezula. The obliteration of genuine news on television, the stranglehold on newspapers, the killing of journalists, these are all things of minor concern at best to your average Russian.


17 ugly raccoons said...

The obliteration of genuine news on television

There were genuine news on TV? Gee, I never saw them.

the stranglehold on newspapers, the killing of journalists

Newspapers and journalists completely discredited themselves in 199x. Firstly, they were owned by Party. Secondly, they were owned by oligarchs, now they are owned partly by state, partly by businesses. As it happens everywhere, though.

these are all things of minor concern at best to your average Russian.

Absolutely correct. You are completely, astonishingly incompetent to a) explain why this all should concern our average Russian (without howling about 'freedom' and other propaganda phantoms which you even can't define), b) propose working strategy for average Russian to IMPROVE his stance and not harm Russia. And when I am saying 'you' here, I mean all western 'commentators' and 'analysts'. When Russian attention is not paid to your useless and impractical info and advices, you are starting squirm and scream about how good and competent you are and how evil and stupid are those Russians who always longed for 'tyranny' and other propaganda phantoms from the same row.

Did you Westerners ever think about yourself as 'brainwashed', not attributing this honorable title to everyone you don't like?

La Russophobe said...


Well, you're definitely right in saying that everything is relative in Russia, and even at its high-water mark NTV was not the equal of the BBC. But while you apparently had your head in the sand, there was a time when Russian TV didn't simply spout anti-American propaganda and the Kremlin line. It's definitely a pity, though, that Russians haven't learned to place a higher value on information, given that the lack of it bankrupted their former state.

Your point about newspapers is not logical. If they were discredited, then there was no need for the Kremlin to move against them.

It's you who's incompetent, but there's nothing astonishing about it given that your are Russian. Your problem is that you've failed to carefully read this blog, which has explained many times that the lack of public information and public criticism leads the Kremlin to make horrendous mistakes, just like in Soviet times, that ruin the country. These mistakes are documented every single day on the pages of La Russophobe.

17 ugly raccoons said...

there was a time when Russian TV didn't simply spout anti-American propaganda and the Kremlin line

Can you understand simple things? There was a time when Russian TV simply sprout pro-American propaganda and the line of Berezovsky, Gusinsky and others. It is not independence or freedom, it is just a sign TV'd been owned by another political entity, equally greedy and dishonest as current power is.

Oh, and politically inclined Russians are informed very well, much better than bottom feeders from Aslund or other incompetent 'analysts'. You know, there is Internet, radio and political talk-shows on TV (yes, where you can listen opposition speak). I'd prefer to read Roizman or Ryzhkov himself than wait for some thumb-sucking idiot from some kindergarten 'institute' crying: 'Russians are evil! They don't want democracy! Re-read your comic books about Red Threat!' You on the West just don't understand our priorities and values... It is of no matter if you considering our priorities and values right or wrong, you just don't understand them and thus you cannot explain your point of view to us nor give valuable advance and consequently earn some trust. You're preferring scream and make apocalyptic prediction which are laughable.

My point about Kremlin is perfectly logical. So-called 'liberal' newspapers are working for sponsors of opposition, not for Russian people. When Kremlin is moving against them, it's just two gangs fight, and both gangs are no good for me, why should I support one of them? I don't trust them both.

You know, there is quote: "To reject means to propose", attributed to Stalin. I don't care about someone who pointing on mistakes and criticizes but not gives sensible and reliable advice. West had that chance in 199x, many Russian fools trusted West. West blew it. So now you're just out of our trust, useless for us and whining like dumped-out girlfriend... 'You'll regret on this, you'll suffer, you'll be back!..' Yeah, right, heh.

And I already promised to advertise your blog, so there is no need for self-praising (unearned, btw).

17 ugly raccoons said...

BTW, your logic in article is ill. Those who a) voting for Big Zu, b) voting for Zhirik, c) not going to vote - by no way are feeling 'things are pretty much OK in Russia, certainly nothing to get worked up about'. You obviously don't understand motivations in these causes (QED, heh), trying to explain it from narrow-minded Western point of view, which not works here (for example, I never vote and I don't think that 'things are pretty much OK'). Ergo your evil, evil 84% should be halved.

La Russophobe said...


You are a mendacious liar, which is not surprising given that you are a Russophile. Even if it were true that ORT and NTV did nothing but favor America before the crackdown, and that is a hallucinatory notion that is utterly false, the same cannot possibly be said of RTR. For you to claim that RTR ever "sprouted pro-American propaganda and the line of Berezovsky" is an outrageous lie and typical of the ignorant propaganda on which Russophiles feed themselves and which has destroyed their nation.

The vast majority of Russians have no access to the Internet and no ability to fathom the world beyond their village. That is why they favor a proud KGB spy with 70% approval ratings. Putin's total failure to be able to get what he wants from the West through negotiations proves that Russian ignorance pervades the highest levels of power. If there are a few well-informed people in Russia it is meaningless, since they have no power and do nothing to influence the course of events.

I'm glad to see you admit that the Kremlin is ruled by nothign but a gang of criminals. I whole-heartedly agree and commend you for your insight.

I've yet to see any tangible proof of your advertising so there is no need to mention it.

17 ugly raccoons said...

Heard anything about 'American way of life', 'universal values', 'free market'? All that BS was spreading from NTV and RTR alike, Svanidze (yes, a Georgian) now in charge of RTR and he continues to make his Russophobic pseudo-historic films.

I did not say that RTR spouted line of Berezovsky. Berezovsky owned ORT, and Gusinsky owned NTV. But, as I said financial oligarchs owned the state at that time, so RTR wasn't better (and isn't now).

Putin's total failure to be able to get what he wants from the West through negotiations

:-))))))))))) Try to fathom the world beyond your village. When it touches the business interests of Putin and his cronies, he gets what he wants. And his 'failures' might be explained by his unwillingness to stand for Russia against the West, where these betrayers keeps their dirty money.

I'm glad to see you admit that the Kremlin is ruled by nothign but a gang of criminals.

Don't forget, I admit that all liberal and pro-Western opposition, starting with 'Misha 2%' Kasyanov, are a bunch of criminals too. Just admit it, and I'll commend you.

About advertising. As I said, I'll recommend your blog to my readers at my birthday.