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Friday, October 27, 2006

Riddle Me This

Guess which country had significantly greater economic growth last year:

(a) Russia
(b) Vietnam


Russia: 5.9% Vietnam: 8%

Can you dare to imagine what the Vietnamese would be doing if they had gobs of oil to export? Can you dare to imagine what the Russians would be doing if they didn't?


Penny said...

Putin can buy time for himself with the oil boom, but, like all commodity cycles there will be an end to it. Oil revenues won't go on forever. There is no investment in anything useful in Russia that the rest of the global economy wants... no innovative technology, no state of the arts manufacturing or unique consumer products.

There isn't and won't be any international capital flowing into Russia like there is in China. Without a civil society, transparency, honest courts, contract laws that are respected, why invest there?

My guess, China, far surpasses Russia in the not too distant future both economically and eventually as a civil society.

Russia with its culture of passivity and envy, insular, distrustful of capitalism and democracy will continue its trajectory into oblivion as big, irrelevant land mass.

La Russophobe said...

PENNY: Well said! Not only that, but Russia is bound to actually become China in the course of time. For sure, China will take everything east of the Urals sooner or later just because of Russia's population contraction and China's expansion. As for the rest, like Atlantic magazine said: "Zaire with permafrost."

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: That's because in the last thousand years Russia's population wasn't precipitously falling as it is under Putin and China had not yet grown so large as to burst from its borders. But now that time is at hand.

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