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Monday, October 16, 2006

Annals of Shamapova

So-called "Russian" Maria Sharapova, who's lived in the U.S. virtually all her life, learned to play tennis and owns several pieces of real estate there, withdrew from the Kremlin Cup tournament in her "home" country after her first match last week.

The BBC reported: "Second seed Sharapova received a first-round bye but said she felt pain in her right hip after her second round win over Russia's Ekaterina Bychkova on Wednesday. The world number three and US Open champion said: 'I couldn't practice or even walk yesterday. I have to pull out. I'm really disappointed but I have no choice.'" However, People's Daily Online reported: "Second seed Maria Sharapova has pulled out of the Kremlin Cup quarter-finals after sustaining a right foot injury on Friday. 'I will not be able to step out on the court today. If I'm not able to give 100 percent, I'd rather not play at all,' the WTA tournament quoted her as saying on their official web site." There was no sign of trouble on the court; CNN reported: "'Unfortunately, I will not be able to play today," Sharapova said. 'I felt pain in my right hip back in the hotel after my first match here.'" Got back to hotel and found a boo-boo on her wittle footy-wooty, did she? Oh my, that's such a shame. One imagine the poor girl got quite a shock being back in Russia for the first time in ages and getting a jolt of reality. Maybe she was just afraid to step on the court with her next opponent, Anna Chakvetadze, a Georgian. After all, somebody might take a shot at her, mightn't they? And her name's even Anna!

So which is it? Hip or foot? Can't walk at all, or just less than 100%? Is this a professional athlete we're talking about, or a Barbie Doll? Shamapova pulled the same nonsense in Montreal earlier this year, giving rise to talk of reforming the rules to severly punish hijinx like this from so-called professional athletes.


La Russophobe said...

SERYJ: Thanks for the comment. You're quite right that she's a Russian "by law" (rah-see-skaya) but given what is going on today in Russia, La Russophobe doubts she is considered a "real" Russian by the ROOSKIYE people. In fact, with a name like that, her children would be subject to the government's pogrom. After all, they can't have their cake and eat it too, can they? Actually, it's rather suprising she hasn't been booted out of the country yet, along with all the other criminals who Russian TV says constitute the Georgian race.

La Russophobe said...


The point is that her last name causes Russian hatred on sight, even though she's a Russian citizen. Slavics don't consider her citizenship to be the equal of theirs, because they are fundamentally racist. This why Russia is becoming extinct. The Russian government can declare as "illegal" anyone it likes, and it has already ejected hundreds of Georgians from the country and closed down many Georgian businesses. Are we betting whether that has happened or not? If so, how much would you like to lose?

As for mental capacity, I'd say that the person defending a self-doomed nation is the one lacking it.