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Monday, October 23, 2006


La Russophobe is happy to announce a new blog feature, post tags. From now on, all posts will have a tag at the bottom indicating the topic area. If you are interested in reading more about that topic (for example "racism" or "Cold War II") you can simply click on the tag to pull up all the other posts on that topic. Until now, this material has been available in the sidebar index, and older material will continue to reside there until the blog is fully updated. More recent material, however, will be conveniently accessible under the new system, and soon the sidebar will include an entry listing all the post tags alphabetically, for even easier access to the archives by subject matter.

This is La Russophobe's 800th post. On Sunday, she recorded her 17,000th visit to the blog.


Danny said...

For a site with that many visitors, I find little discussions in the comments. Either people totally agree with you, or they think you are too thick headed to be argued with, anyway.
But actualy I was expecting a different announcement. Please reply to my question:

Danny said...

Ah, Kim. Never mind. I've just read an interesting series of comments by you and I know enough. Hope the best for you.

Oh and here's the source:

And for those that love this blog so much. Just try and look up all the comments on different blogs by La Russophobe.
PS, if she writes as Kim Zigfeld the comments are much better...

La Russophobe said...


I'm sorry my blog doesn't satisfy you. I suggest you stop reading it. I'll weep for days because of your absence, but I think I'll manage to get over it.

To respond to your comment, it is quite bizarre and ignorant. It's also wildly hypocritical, full of exactly the vices you acccuse me of.

First of all, I'm a linked blog on Sean's site. Second, the vast majority of comments on Sean's site are either written by me or in response to something I've written. Third, if you visit for example the Accidental Russophile, you'll find far fewer comments there than here. Fourth, unlike Sean's or Wally's blogs, I only allow comments by registered blogger members. A super blog like Michelle Malkin, for example, doesn't allow any comments of any kind by anyone. Why do I have this requirement? Because it's not my goal to get comments, although I'm happy to get them and allow any body who is registers to say whatever they like, including morons like you. My goals are clearly stated in the blog. If you'd like to see different goals, make your own blog, and good luck with it!

Next time you offer a comment, I suggest you try being constructive instead of idiotic. If you'd like to see different content on this blog, make a positive suggestion. Otherwise, you'll just look like a hypocritical, ignorant thug.

Danny said...

ok, just a simple one. Also write about the good things done in Russia.

La Russophobe said...

DANIEL: Name one.

La Russophobe said...

DANIEL: Or better yet, write the item yourself and submit it for publication consideration by email. There is an open invitation for all to do so at the top of the sideabar. Even if it were rejected, you could still put it up as a comment. Or are you only capable of sitting on the sidelines and yapping like a hungry puppy?