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Friday, October 20, 2006

David McDuff on Kirill Pankratov

Here's what David McDuff of A Step at a Time has to say about the lunatic rantings of Kirill Pankratov, particularly those attacking Anna Politkovskaya:

"Mr. Pankratov certainly holds deeply mistaken views."

That's about as strong a condemnation as a pure scholar like McDuff will ever issue. But not so in Wacko Wally Shedd's eyes, he of the Accidental Russophile. Wally thinks they're deeply profound views, worthy of touting. In other words, with "friends" like Wally, Russia doesn't need any enemies.

In recent weeks, we have seen the Russophile blogs grievously discredited. First La Russophobe exposed the dubious underpinnings of the Discovery Institute, which sponsors the Russophile Russia Blog, as well as the eggregious propaganda of the blog's publisher, Yuri Mamchur. Then La Russophobe exposed the crazed screed known as Russian Blog, and no sooner had she done so than the blog's publisher "Konstantin" shot himself in the head, publishing an utterly false item about Americans believing that Russia was attacking their own state of Georgia rather than the country in Eurasia. He hasn't written a word since this grievous humiliation, and his only response has been the classic Soviet approach, to declare La Russophobe mentally ill and seek her internment. Three strikes and you're out! And now Wacko Wally has shown his true colors, touting Pankratov's propaganda before Anna Politkovskaya had even been laid to rest, even going so far as to drag David Johnson down into the mire with him in so doing.

There's nobody left, not one credible source of russophile rhetoric in the entire English-speaking world. Two out of three of the aforementioned blogs don't even post public counters, and La Russophobe roared past the one that does, Wacko Wally, long ago.

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