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Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Estonians Think of Russians

Here are some penetrating comments from an interesting blog about Estonia:

  • Because the Soviets killed more Estonians than the Nazis did, the Estonian people have the right to make their own moral judgements about the actors of World War II.

  • This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin will sit down with European Union members in Russia's former Grand Duchy of Finland to talk about things like dead journalists, natural gas, and Georgia. Putin is feeling tough after deporting all of those people with Georgian names back to Georgia, and now he's up for a dessert - some appetizing disunity, plus the obligatory Estonia bashing, in Finland - the fourteenth republic.

  • It looks like tiny Estonia won't be the only country feeling the Kremlin's heat from here on out. Unable to divide and conquer [ie: cite the oppression of Russian speakers in Estonia and Latvia] the Russian answer to a semi-united front from the European Union appears to be to spread the criticism, to the farthest reaches of the continent. Mr Putin pointed to the southern resort town of Marbella, where the mayoress and former mayor have been jailed and thousands of illegal homes face demolition, as well as other Spanish corruption cases.El País said the Spanish prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, had been "perplexed" by the comments. Italy's Romano Prodi had been left "without words" when Mr Putin pointed out that his country had invented the mafia concept, the newspaper said.

  • President Valdimir Putin, addressing the World Congress of Compatriots in St. Petersburg, said: "I cannot fail to mention the well-known fact of mass denial of citizenship rights in Latvia and Estonia. There are about 600,000 so-called non-citizens there, who are permanent residents." According to the Estonian Foreign Ministry, the number of stateless persons in Estonia is down to 8.8 percent of the total population, or 120,511. So far a little more than 4,000 people have received citizenship this year. Over the past five years about 5,900 people have been naturalized per year.

Let's see now . . . first they make the Georigans hate them . . . then the Estonians . . . next the Spanish . . . then the Italians . . . then all the women of the world . . . hmmmm . . . does La Russophobe sense a pattern is developing?


17 ugly raccoons said...

How you'll prove that all women in the world hates Russians? I don't care they hate or not, but how you'll prove it?

(It is good at least one women in the world don't hate at least one Russian, heh)

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: I suggest you simply ask any woman you can find what she thinks of a man who jokes about rape the way Putin did. Then ask what she thinks of people who express 70% approval for such a person. I doubt you'll need more proof once you see the look in her eyes.

17 ugly raccoons said...

LR: 'You all men are rascals, but we love you anyway' (Все вы, мужики, сволочи, но мы всё равно вас любим).

Of course I didn't say her that 70% of Russian population approved such jokes. Because they didn't.

Look at (I am reading this source regularly), and search for articles regarding Putin's last press-conference. I share opinions expressed there, for example: or here: Also, there is nice poll on the main page. You may vote too.

My comment to Putin's story about his phone is here:, but I doubt you can understand all my jokes there, some are specific.