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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Putin Brigades" Seek to Obliterate the Blogosphere

The Boston Globe reports:

Other authoritarian encroachments take place quietly. A well-documented article published on the website of Democratic Union, one of the oldest independent political parties in Russia, described a sustained campaign to harass and silence critics of the government on Russian Internet forums. This campaign, the article charges, is conducted by organized groups of Putin supporters who sometimes seem to have mysterious access to personal data about their online opponents. Ominously, the article, posted nearly a month before Politkovskaya's murder, mentioned her as a target of especially virulent hatred by these "brigades."
How Neo-Soviet can you get?


17 ugly raccoons said...


Well, how'd I start... In Russia, devastated by westernization conducted by Yeltsin, Internet became a toy for rich. Very small in their numbers, very progressive, liberal and russophobic by their views, they ruled unchecked.

When Russia started to overcome that collapse, more Russian people got Internet. And soon it became clear that these liberal guys are losing in every turn, in every discussion, in every argument. You may do some research about censorship in Runet, and you'll see that deleting opponent's comments and ban opponents are trademarks of forums and blogs of russophobic liberals. Reds and nationalists do such things incomparably less often, and discussions on their sites are open and harsh - with liberals' participation too, of course.

So, when well-known liberals who ceased selling themselves at TV and newspapers (no one bought their idiocy no more) tried to establish themselves in blogosphere... they soon learned - in honest head-on *dialogs* they are nothing.

And now they're trying come to terms with it. 'Brigada' is one of inventions of their dull minds. Evil Putin asking his offcers to harass and silence his critics... Idiotic picture, because bigger part of Russian political blogosphere is more or less against Putin and against liberals and russophobes.

BTW, Novodvorskaya (Democratic Union) is such piece of fun you really need publish her words more often. Last time on public debates she called 'fascist' one guy who asked her an uncomfortable question. Whole auditory (nationalists and liberals) was laughned madly, because guy was black.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: Russia was not devastated by Yeltsin, it was devastated by the cowardly failure of the Russian people to take an active role in politics. Although you blame Yelstin, what did you do when he told you to elect Vladimir Putin? You obeyed like lemmings! Yeltsin correctly predicted that Russians could return to Soviet dictatorship of their own free will, and so he tried to disperse the assets of the Kremlin as fast as possible so that when they tried to put the USSR back together it would be difficult. He was right! Second leader of Russia became a proud KGB spy!

By destroying the Internet, just like USSR you cut yourselves off from information. You make bad decisions without information, and destroy yourselves all over again.

We Americans say: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on ME!"

17 ugly raccoons said...

what did you do when he told you to elect Vladimir Putin?

I despise democracy and its procedures. I just not voted.

he tried to disperse the assets of the Kremlin as fast as possible so that when they tried to put the USSR back together it would be difficult. He was right! Second leader of Russia became a proud KGB spy!..

...he told you to elect Vladimir Putin

Care to find contradiction? Or you're saying that Yeltsin not knew Putin worked for KGB (btw, he was not 'spy', it's a legend)?

By destroying the Internet

Last time I checked, it was here.

We Americans say: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on ME!"

Then you've been thoroughly ashamed every 4 years for a long, long time...

And... you know what is Soviet? 'Return to Soviet dictatorship' - these words are exposing you as incompetent.

P.S. The article which 'Boston Globe' is reciting, is here. If you wish, I can give you contact to one of authors of that paranoidal rambling... errr, article. I'd just like to see a reaction.

La Russophobe said...


For a person who claims to find this blog "boring" you sure do manage to leave an awful lot of comments here, don't you (they're rather like rodent droppings in fact . . . )

You need to try to get a grip on your meglomania. When I asked "what did you do" I didn't mean YOU personally, I mean Russian people generally. What you personally do, hard as it may be for you to believe, is not a matter of interest to me.

There's no contradiction regarding Yeltsin and Putin. Yeltsin NEVER said he was a benign or democratic ruler. He merely said that he hated communists and believed the Russians would return power to them if given the chance. They did so. He was right. Did Yeltsin play a part in that? You bet he did. But if Russians hated him so much, they wouldn't have voted for his hand-picked successor, now would they?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Destruction of the Internet has to begin somewhere. But it's not that crucial in any case, since most Russians are far too poor and ignorant to access it.

Actually, we're quite proud ever four years. Quite often, we peacefully change power from one rival party to another, something Russia has not done even once in it's whole history.

Just curious: In your view, everybody you don't agree with is a "paranoid" who needs to be put in a mental institution, aren't they? Can you give an example of a harsh critic of Russia who you respect?

Thanks for the link! It's the first time you've actually added some value to the blog. I must be rubbing off on you.

17 ugly raccoons said...

LR: It is good to speak with rodent droppings' specialist - I knew even you have a profession!

Well, if you are saying 'you' and don't mean 'you', then it is not my problem. When you'll say 'Moon' and mean 'green cheese', it won't be my problem too.

Russians returned power to Communists? When?! Errr... you don't know much about Communists, do you?

Indeed, majority (not 'most', but majority) of Russians hasn't access to Internet (and this fact is further undermining idea of 'brigades', heh). For now. But you should look at dynamics. And about ignorance... well, Western users of Internet proved explicitly that high (and even normal) IQ for Internet user is not needed. To say the least. I am sure every Russian can handle browser...

So you are proud every four years. Well, you should, or else you'll start ask questions... For example, why 'rival parties' almost have no differencies in their ideologies, and was that change of power for real, if state bureacrats (who are running any country) mostly sit on their places as before... So it is easier just be proud. But that's not my problem, because, as I said, I despise modern democracy.

Answer to your curiosity: not anybody, just these belonging to group who called me paranoid first. Example of harsh critic? Zinoviev, of course.

About value to your blog - I'll send you bill. And, I am repeating, it fits my goals more than '0 comments' you enjoyed so long.