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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Georgia Wins AGAIN!

RIA Novosti reports that valiant Georgia has induced Russia to pull its military garrison out of the country ahead of schedule, a brilliant victory in Georgia's struggle for independence. First Georgia carries out a free and fair election in the midst of Russia's imperialist assault, and now it wins the ouster of some of Russia's occupation forces without firing a shot.

MOSCOW, October 10 (RIA Novosti) - Russia will withdraw its garrison deployed in the Georgian capital Tbilisi ahead of schedule, the deputy prime minister and defense minister said Tuesday.

The Tbilisi garrison houses the headquarters of the Group of Russian Forces in the Russian Caucasus and was supposed to be withdrawn after the pullout of two Soviet-era bases in Akhalkalaki and Batumi in 2007 and 2008, respectively. But a diplomatic spat following the arrest of four Russian officers in Tbilisi in late September for alleged spying prompted Moscow to review the timeframe for the withdrawal.

"I have adopted a resolution and signed a directive that the entire Tbilisi garrison of Russia's contingent in the South Caucasus leave Georgia before December 31," Sergei Ivanov said. "Three hundred eighty-seven Russian servicemen will leave Georgia."

But he said the two bases will be pulled out in accordance with the schedule. "As to the bases, they will be withdrawn on schedule - from Akhalkalaki in 2007 and from Batumi in 2008 - with all the Russian equipment they hold," Ivanov said.


Michael Nitschke said...

You've said "Georgia has induced Russia to pull its military bases out of the country ahead of schedule" but then quoted "As to the bases, they will be withdrawn on schedule".

Which is it?

La Russophobe said...

MICHAEL: Thanks for your feedback and close reading of La Russophobe. Sorry if I confused you. I guess you found my comment ambiguous and implying that every single Russian occupation soldier in Georgia was going to be removed ahead of schedlue, when in fact Georgia's victory is limited to forcing out only a part of the occupation force early. I thought it was clear, but I've revised to post to clearly indicate that the GARRISON is going to be removed ahead of schedule as opposed to the whole contents of both bases.