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Sunday, October 22, 2006

See Wally Lie. Stop, Wally, Stop!

Like any Russophile propagandist, the Accidental Russophile's Wally Shedd repeatedly lies to his readers about basic facts in his shameless attempt to support dictatorship in Russia while attacking the United States. Oddly, he chooses to live in the U.S. rather than Russia. Go figure.

In a recent post, he claims "that it isn't significantly more dangerous for ethnic peoples in Russia than it is in the US. " This is a boldfaced lie. Russia has the fifth highest murder rate in the world, 0.201534 per 1,000 people, while the rate in America is 0.042802 per 1,000 people. In other words, you are more than twice as likely to be the victim of murder if you are in Russia than if you are in the U.S., no matter who you are. The U.S. homicide rate is currrently at its lowest level since 1967. Now, it is certainly true that black people in the U.S. are disproportionately victimized by murder. From 1976 t0 2004, 46.9% of all U.S. murder victims were black while 51% were white; the black share of murders is triple their share of the population. But 94% of black murder victims in the U.S. were killed by other blacks, only 6% by whites, so there was no "racist" component to 94% of these killings.

What about the other 6%? According to Sova Center, in 2005 there were 35 race murders in Russia, and September of this year there had already been 33. In the same year, there were only 6 hate-crime murders in the United States. This means that nominally it is five times more likely that a race murder will happen in Russia than in the U.S., and since U.S. population is twice the size of Russia the effective risk is ten times greater in Russia (and that's assuming the populations of black people in the U.S. and Russia represent the same shares of the population; in fact the U.S. share is much larger, meaning that the risk is still lower in the U.S. than it superficially appears). That's one reason why there isn't much reporting on race murder in the U.S., because it doesn't happen much. But anyone who reads newspapers or watches TV knows that when it does, it's reported that way, quite sensationally. There have been several sensational incidents in New York City over the past few years, for example. What's more, the situation is not stable in Russia. Russian data shows that incidents of race violence are increasing annually at the horrifying rate of 20-30% per year.

Instead of relying on facts to deal with this issue, Wally chooses to rely on his own form of "reasoning" which is based on nothing but smoke and mirrors. Wally complains that American white-on-black killing isn't reported as "race violence" in America, whereas such killings are so reported where Russia is concerned, and he claims this is an example of Western "bias" against Russia. This is an absurd lie. The only evidence he claims to support this allegation is the fact that a story from the Boston Globe about several murders of Cape Verdean immigrants in the city over the past year. But there is absolutely no evidence of any kind mentioned in the article that the killers of these Cape Verdeans were white, because nobody has any idea who the killers were. Based on the data, the odds are 9.6:1 that the killer was black. In the incidents involving the killing of black people in Russia, many of which are documented in La Russophobe's sidebar, there has always been evidence that the killers were white, Slavic Russians. Sometimes the victim is stabbed with a knife that has a swastika on it, and other times the perpetators are seen as the commit their brazen acts. Often, they brag about them on the internet.

Wally chooses to ignore all these facts and lie to his readers, inventing facts and accusations about the U.S. just the way they used to do in the good old USSR. This is a classic example of how Russophile propagandists have been lying to and deceiving Russians for decades, reducing the nation to a shadow of its former self. If you care about truth in the blogosphere, drop by Wally's blog and leave a comment asking him to stop lying. Lies are bad enough under any circumstances, but when they are told to prop up dictatorship in Russia and undermine democracy in Amreica, they are particularly venal.


17 ugly raccoons said...

Correct comparision might be only made if the same methodics had been used for collecting data on both sides and handling this data. So try better. For example, prove that criteria of hate-crimes used by SOVA are the same used by FBI.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: No, you prove that the Kremlin didn't hide the vast majority of racist attacks on blacks in Russia, unlike America's open society, because it controls virtually all the media and its police are famously corrupt.

What's more, if the data is not comparable, then Wally should never have written a word, now should he? Then again, Wally does't offer one single shred of data of any kind to support his views. Just like you.

Penny said...

LR - I truly admire your fortitude in responding to the moronic idiot, raccoons, that stalks your blog. It's pretty apparent that your facts and logic are wasted on that nut.

You aren't going to make a dent in their fascist attitude, limited intelligence and impoverished soul.

La Russophobe said...

PENNY: Thanks! I know they're beyond hope, but the more they talk the clearer it becomes what we are up against in trying to get the truth out about Russia, as everyone who tries that Herculean feat always is. But the lives of the Russian people and world peace hangs in the balance so the good fight must be fought.

17 ugly raccoons said...

LR: which America do you mean? South or Central?

And you not answered. I stated that you should use comparable sources and comparable methodics to produce comparable results. If you cannot comply, regardless of reasons, then your conclusions are inevitable corrupt.

If any other blogger does the same thing, my words are applicable to him\her too.

And please don't overwork yourself, Hercules, I'd hate if you'll finish like US official, jumping out from window screaming 'Russians are coming!'

penny: do you still think I don't exist? I hope you'll not sue your grocery for adding hallucinogenes into your food.

Penny said...

I don't care if you exist or not. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but, you can be anything you chose to be in cyberspace, a clever dog typing at a keyboard, for all that I care.

You're not very bright. You're not very honest.

You are ignorable.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: You have absolutely no information to indicate that the sources are not comparable. Even if the US data underestmates the US killings by 50%, they are still far smaller than in Russia. Maybe you think the US and Russia define "murder" differently too? You add no substance or research of any kind, no data to suggest that there are more race killings per capita in the US than in Russia. Your comments are just silly propagandistic, predictable nonsense. You call for data but give none of your own. In other words, you're a russophile.

17 ugly raccoons said...

penny: yes, you tried to explain me as non-Russian, showed your complete ignorance in Russian matters and now namely I am not very bright or very honest - not you, of course, because you suddenly don't care who am I. A pity, heh. I wonder if you have a friends...

LR: you should prove your accusations, not I. Heard something about presumption of innocence? I don't know how you define 'murder' in US (after Clinton scandal I learned much new how you define 'sex'), but I know that conception of 'hate crime' in Russia is different. Try to read our laws, miss bliss', seek trough official site of our MVD, and don't use biased data from some grant-suckers, because no one will believe them - if you pay them $100 more they'll tell you about billion of blacks killed in Russia last week.

Your data is unsufficient, I pinted to it. I have no obligation to seek data for you. Work harder for your great cause, go, go, go!..

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: My data is not the least insufficient. YOU HAVE NO DATA TO CONTRADICT IT. If you really cared about data, you'd go to Wally Shedd's blog and criticize him for putting out such totally unsourced garbage.

I repeat: You have absolutely no basis for claiming that the "methodologies" are different between the US and Sova, and even if the US is underestimating its race kilings by 50% they are still FAR less than Russia. All you are doing is cheap, empty Soviet-style propaganda and you look like a fool.

17 ugly raccoons said...

LR: I repeat: You have absolutely no basis for claiming that the "methodologies" are different between the US and Sova

Between the FBI and Sova. I daresay these are quite different organizations...

And I repeat: you, not I, should prove identity of methodics used by FBI and Sova. Any scientist who makes conclusion, should describe and validate his methodics, or else he is just charlatan as you are.

You know, I just can do the same. I 'll go to some jihadists' site, take the report they beheaded 1,000 GI last week, after that I'll take official Russian MoD data about losses in Chechnya and then I'll have absolutely infallible message about complete US screw-up in Iraq compared to Putin's astounding success in Chechnya... Your "methodology", yeah.

La Russophobe said...


You are an utter moron. I had extremely low expectations for your intelligence and character, but you disappoint even me. You claim to desire facts and reliable data, but you don't say ONE SINGLE WORD about Wally Shedd's outragously irresponsible, totally UNSOURCED post.

You're a total fraud.

For the US to be as dangerous as Russia based on Sova's data, it would have to have had 70 race murders in 2005. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DATA FROM ANY SOURCE TO INDICATE IT HAD ANYTHING LIKE THAT MANY RACE KILLINGS. Even if you believe that the US data understates race kilings by 100%, that's only 12, not 70. Even if there is 200% understatement, that's only 24, not 70.

If you believe the US goverment is intentionally misreporting data on race murders, or that Sova is intentionally overreporting data on Russian race murders, then it is YOUR obligation to state a substantive basis for your claim.

You can go on blowing your pathetic smoke, but I'll only be laughing at you.

17 ugly raccoons said...

but you don't say ONE SINGLE WORD about Wally Shedd's outragously irresponsible, totally UNSOURCED post.

How can I say something about post I didn't read?

If you believe the US goverment is intentionally misreporting data on race murders, or that Sova is intentionally overreporting data on Russian race murders, then it is YOUR obligation to state a substantive basis for your claim.

So, when I say to you aforementioned thing about Iraq and Chechnya, it will be YOUR obligation to prove incorrect reporting from jihadists or Russian MoD?

You will be laughning when I blow my smoke? We aren't THAT close.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: It's linked to the post you did read, so I suggest you do so. I fail to see how you can comment inteligently otherwise.

I wouldn't dream of questioning the validity of any sourced data you cited without data of my own. If you doubt, it, try me.