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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Is Vladimir Putin Out of Control?

Last week La Russophobe reported, in Publius Pundit, on the outrageous statements of Vladimir Putin about rape made in front of an Israeli diplomatic delegation. This week, he's still at it. He had two choices when seeking to defend Russia from charges of systemmic corruption and violence; give substantive evidence of how the problems were being addressed or attack Italy. Guess which one he chose? Monsters and Critics reports:

An alleged Mafia jibe directed at Italy by Russian President Vladimir Putin received widespread coverage in the Italian media on Monday and risked straining relations between the two countries.

Speaking during a summit with European Union leaders in Finland, Putin reportedly defended himself from charges that organised crime networks dominate business in his country by noting that 'the word Mafia was born in Italy, not Russia', Spain's El Pays reported on Sunday.

The remark was splashed out on the front pages of Italy's leading dailies on Monday and drew condemnation from government officials.

'It was an incredible remark. Instead of speaking nonsense, Putin should explain what has happened with the murder of (Russian journalist Anna) Politkovskaya,' Italian Foreign Ministry undersecretary Gianni Vernetti told reporters.

Politkovskaya, who was murdered in Moscow on October 7, had repeatedly reported on human rights violations in Chechenya, which is ruled by pro-Kremlin politicians.

While Prime Minister Romano Prodi's office sought to play down the incident, saying Putin's remark was meant to be ironic, other lawmakers called on the government to issue a strong reaction.

'Italy should respond to the serious remarks made by Russian President Putin,' said Angelo Bonelli of the Green Party, which is a member of Prodi's centre-left ruling coalition.

Putin had come under fire during the summit over human rights violations in Russia and reportedly also accused many Spanish mayors of being 'corrupt'.

This is classic Neo-Soviet stuff. Rather than fix a problem, deny that it exists and then attack other countries for being even worse. That is what brought the USSR to its knees. Putin exposes the fact that his educatin is skin deep and his KGB indoctrination goes to the bone.


Penny said...

Putin is a fascist. Period. And, stupid one. Empirical evidence, unrefuted historically by every economic measure and at the core of the communist's collapse, should be telling this idiot that the outcome will not be any different when you return private assets to the state to manage and kill freedom of speech.

Re-Stalinizing Russia isn't going to have any better outcome than Stalin's Russia.

Remarkable isn't it that China by embracing capitalism will overtake Russia in economic metrics in the not too distant future. Most likely political freedom will eventually follow.

Even the little fascist weasel that stalks your blog is too stupid to realize that he/she/it is safer in cyberspace, while, ironically less safe in Putin's autocratic Russia.

Putin is a vulgar little KGB lackey. And, Russians, pathetic herd animals, will embrace any keeper that delivers their nutritional requirements.

La Russophobe said...


I don't get it. Are you saying that post-Stalinist Russia was a "good" outcome that Russia should wish to repeat?

It's rather impossible for you to argue whether Russians are behaving like herd animals until they stop favoring Putin with 70%+ approval ratings and stop trying to wipe out all ethnic minorities, isn't it? After all, even YOU claim to oppose Putin, yet the overwhelming majority of Russian lemmings don't even though the population is dying off and salaries are $300/month. Russians are failing at the most basic level of biology, their population is going extinct like dinosaurs. Far from being too harsh, Penny is perhaps even to generous in her criticism. Russians will either get jolted out of their stupor or disappear into the mists of history.

La Russophobe said...


PS -- if you don't like animal analogies, maybe better not to call your self raccoon, huh?