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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Memorials for Anna Politkovskaya

Many major Western media outlets have prominent memorial articles for slain Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya (she was just 48 years old and was killed on Vladimir Putin's birthday - was it a gift for the "president"?). But the question is, will they use their resources to begin pressuring the Neo-Soviet Union now, or will they let the issue drop, like cowards, in fear for their own reporters on the ground in Russia? Time will tell. Politkovskaya must not have died in vain! That must be our rallying cry until the Neo-Soviet Union topples and falls just like its predecessor! Here are some links to the articles:

Maybe the Kremlin is going to blame this killing on the Georgians and claim the need to invade in order to get justice for Politkovskaya. La Russophobe wouldn't put that past the Kremlin, either.

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