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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Sunday Satires

Bill Clinton called Vladimir Putin "a man we can do business with."
Thanks for the great leadership, Mr. Bill! And hey Dubya, way to go
following the advice of Slick Willie!

Source: Elkin.

Source: Ellustrator.


Irishman said...

READERS! TO SEE LR's duplicity, offensiveness, hysterics and other nonsense, check the following posts:
''Cruelty to Disabled''- contains no actually evidence of cruelty, does however talk a lot about TOILETS and incompetence by staff of Lufthansa the German airline at Sheremetyevo-2.
''Rocket disaster'' -criticises unmanned Russian rocket crash whilst ignoring fatal US shuttle disasters
''Annals of Sharapova'' -groundlessly and libellously labels international tennis star Masha Sharapova a slut.
''Russia and 9/11'' -actually implicates Russia in the 9/11 events, ignoring the fact that Putin himself warned Bush days before that something very big was about to happen -the Russians just didnt know what it was.(source ''Kremlin Rising'' by Peter Baker, Washington Post ex-Moscow correspondent)
''Mobile phone glut'' -blames Russian economy for waning of mobile market in Russia, ignoring that mobile companies world wide are shedding jobs and cutting back due to poor sales.


More to follow. There's only so much bullshit a man can read in a day.
ps go ahead and ban me you coward

La Russophobe said...


Your comment is SPAM. You cannot comment on OTHER POSTS in this post. If you wish to comment on other posts, do so ON THOSE POSTS.

Your comment contains profanity. If you repeat profanity just once more, your comments will be permanently banned from this blog.

Your crude, childish, ignorant language is a clear illustration of the utter baselessness of your hysterical position. All you are doing is disagreeing with our opinions, not showing that any facts we have reported are wrong.

Irishman said...

OK profanity out. But even in the short message above I have shown you are wrong and you have no answer. Explain yourself or ban me.

La Russophobe said...

(a) You need mental care if you think you have ability to make demands or issue ultimatums; (b) You have have been banned for spamming the blog by posting the same comment multiple times and will not be reinstated unless you apologize; (c) We are not going to discuss OTHER posts on THIS post. If you have a comment about THIS post that you express in respectful language after apologizing for your outrageous misconduct, we will reply to it, and the same goes for other posts.

Irishman said...

Apologise? For what, precisely? You abuse a whole nation with innaccurate info, I question that info. I am simply questioning you, and you know it, and you dont like it. Everyone can see that. Please highlight my outrageous misconduct.

La Russophobe said...

(1) You have repeatedly posted exactly the same comment on numerous different posts. That is spam. (2)You have used profanity. (3) You have failed to post any hyperlink indicating that any fact reported in this blog is inaccurate. You have merely disagreed with our conclusions, yet made accusations of improper conduct on our part. (4) You have addressed us with absurdly disrespectful language, as if YOU were the one operating the blog visited by hundreds every day and ranked by Technorati as the top blog of its kind in the world.

La Russophobe said...

IRISHMAN: Until you apologize for spamming this blog and for using profanity, all future comments by you will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

About the cartoons...
The cartoon where Putin is depicted with the shield covering his private parts is a pornographic one. Because one can see something hanging beneath the shield. Actually, this whole blog belongs too the genre called Political Pornography. And Kim Zigfeld is the chief pornographer.