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Saturday, February 10, 2007

LR on PP

Check out LR's most recent installment on Publius Pundit, summarizing the use of Alexander Litvinenko's picture for target practice at a facility used by the KGB, and the participation of one of Russia's highest-ranking political figures in the sordid process. Feel free to leave your comments on this terrifying new twist in the Litvinenko murder case, which gives the lie to the idea that the Kremlin didn't care about Litvenenko and wouldn't exercise itself to kill him. This is bolstered by LR's reporting yesterday on the statements of a former KGB spymaster who called Litvinenko a "traitor" who would have been executed in Soviet times.

Look for a major facelift over at Publius Pundit over the next few days; the portal will be redesigned and reorganized, which should make for a new level of interest for readers.


James Kimer said...

Nice article! We've really got to keep an eye on Mironov - especially his influence in the Russian justice system.

La Russophobe said...

Thanks James. You're right of course. There's so many people to keep an eye on, we need to start collecting eyes!