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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

McDuff & Khokhlova Chronicle Russian Outrage

David McDuff's A Day at a Time offers two reports on human rights outrages in Russia.

First, he reports on the beating and gassing of a female human rights activist in Mari Republic.

Then, he reports on a mass poisoning of children in Chechnya that Russian authorities tried to pass of as "psychosis."

David also links to Radio Liberty's interview with Boris Berezovsky about the Litvinenko killing.
Veronica Khokhlova at Global Voices provides a nice bookend with details from the Russian blogosphere about the racist attack on Newsweek correspondent and blogger Aidar Buribayev (pictured, left) on a Moscow subway over the weekend. She points out that a huge number of comments have been left on Buribayev's blog supporting the racists.

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