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Sunday, February 11, 2007

LReports Links of Interest


Google currently has well over 500 news articles from around the world documenting the outbreak of Cold War II,
the one Russia can't possibly survive, as Russia undertakes massive new spending initiatives on its military and Vladimir Putin rails against the US just like Nikita Krushchev at the U.N. Have a gander. Have some Pepto Bismol handy. The Kremlin is not only crazed enough to provoke the U.S. again, but crazed enough to ignore, just like the USSR did, the innumerable chronic social problems it faces in favor of military largess. Fool me once . . .


The Jerusalem Post reports that five Russians have been convicted for dragging a Jew to a cemetery and stabbing him with a cross. Meanwhile, the Catholic World News reports that non-Orthodox churches are under assault all across Russia. If you don't belong to the "right" church in Russia, time to think about leaving . . . or converting . . . or getting yourself a bodyguard.

Racist violence continues unabated in Russia. Newsweek's correspondent
Aidar Buribayev is the latest victim.

Reader Michel directs us to an analysis from the Canadian press on how the Kremlin controls Russia's media.

Radar Online has a magazine feature on the various Russian oligarchs entitled "Dude, where's my Tsar?" La Russophobe can provide the answer: He's in the Kremlin. His name is Vladimir.


Robert Amsterdam writes that reports of Russian stock allure are greatly exaggerated. Western investors are finally wising up, it seems.

SPORTS reports that dogfighting, banned in the civilized world, is wildly popular in barbaric Russia. The New York Times has a report with photo. LR dares to wonder how long it will be before they start using people instead of dogs, and building coliseums. Come to think of it, maybe they already have done so.

RIA Novosti reports that, unable to find a Russian competent (or foolhardy) enough to coach its pathetic side, Russia turned to a Dutch coach in an attempt to reverse its humiliation on the soccer pitch. And what happened? Russia was crushed 4-1 by . . . Netherlands. Now that's an ouchie!

More humiliation for Russian tennisistki. World #5 and tournament #3 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova was blown off the court in the quarter finals by an unseeded non-Russian at the Gaz de France tournament in Paris.


Carpetblogger asks: Why do Russian and Ukrainian women feel the need to dress like whores? Good question. LR would also like to know.


Irishman said...

Why does LR call Russian women whores? Irishman would like to know. Could it have something to do with Russian women having good figures?

La Russophobe said...

We didn't call them whores, we said SOME of them DRESS like whores.

We call you a liar. A jealous, nastly little liar with the brain capacity of a lemon.

Irishman said...

And whats wrong with them dressing sexily and provocatively? Well? There's a shortage of men there. They feel the need to dress sexily. Is it so bad? Or is sitting there witha fat backside and a sweater on preferable?
LR, where on this site have I told a LIE? Please tell me and I will correct. You'll find I have lied nowhere. And am not nasty at all. Am a happy family man. I just hate spin, hence my questions. You love spin and hate questions.
Spot the difference?

La Russophobe said...

"Why does LR call Russian women whores?"

That is a lie. We have never called Russian women whores. We have praised many of them as heroes. We have said SOME people say SOME Russian women DRESS like whores and we have said Maria Sharapova sold her body to the foreigners at Sports Illustrated, which she did, for money she didn't need.

Anonymous said...

As a regular reader of your blog I am not surprised by this primative behaviour of Russsians. Could you show some examples of these tacky, disgusting outfits ?