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Friday, February 16, 2007

LR Announces Milestones

La Russophobe is pleased to announce that yesterday this blog recorded its 100,000th page view. This does not mean there have been 100,000 visits to the blog, it means that web pages created by this blog have been viewed 100,000 times. To date, we are pleased to have received 49,500 visits and expect to reach the 50,000 visit milestone within the next few hours. On average, this blog currently receives about 475 visits and 950 page views each day -- in other words, an average visitor views 2 different web pages we have generated on each visit. No blog of this kind in the world has more published daily traffic.

This blog will not even celebrate its 11-month anniversary until March 2nd,
and it will not be one year old until April 2nd. Therefore, we view the 100,000 page view milestone as a major achievement, and the same of course goes for
the 50,000 visit mark.

We have said before and will say again: This accomplishment belongs as much to you, the reader, as it does to the publishers and contributors. We again thank all readers, and especially conributing readers, for their continuing support.


James Kimer said...

Congrats, LR! Keep up the good work, and you can count on at least a few pages from me everyday.

La Russophobe said...

Thanks James! And pat yourself on the back too, it's your accomplishment too!