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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Mailbag

Letters, we get letters, we get lots of cards and letters every day!

Reader Andre Dubois wrote recently to
offer some very kind words of encouragement for LR, which we omit out of modesty, and also offers an fascinating insight as to the state of things in Russia today:

Here is my story: Around the time of the collapse of the Soyuz Nerushimiy, I would see things in the news and think, "this could not have happened ten years ago." And then it would be, "this could not have happened five years ago... one year ago... etc etc etc"

One day I saw a picture in the news of some Russians in a procession between two cathedrals recently returned to the church; they were carrying a portrait of Nicholas II. That's when I realized the clock had turned, and I started thinking, "ten years from now, this will no longer be possible." In other words, the march toward openness and freedom has been turned around.
Ah yes. And so it goes in Russia. Merci beaucoup, Andre!

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