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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Annals of Russian Self-Destruction: The Story of LR and the Chatbox

Readers may remember that a little while back La Russophobe introduced a new feature to the blog, in the form of an unfiltered chatbox which would let readers talk back to LR (and to each other) without registering for blogger.

This, quite predictably, turned into a classic Russian disaster.

The chatbox was surprisingly popular. In just the nine short days of its existence, with little fanfare from LR, it was viewed 4,024 times (447 times per day) and drew 71 comments. These comments actually led to two posts on the blog. All in all, quite phenomenal really.

But of course, the Russophile slobs had to ruin it, just exactly as they are ruining Russia itself. Not only did they spew forth personal attacks on La Russophobe, which was expected and in fact desired (it's the best proof possible of how right LR really is), but they couldn't leave it at that. Instead, they had to attack non-Russophile commenters as well, and not merely with personal insults but by impersonating them and posting false messages on the box. Naturally, when the victims of this outrageous, childish and quasi-criminal conduct complained, the box was taken out of service.

This is Russia in a nutshell. Not only do these abject losers deprive themselves of the ability to post their objections to this blog, but in the process they prove La Russophobe's point about what is going on in Russia more conclusively than she ever could. This kind of thing has been going on in Russia for centuries now, and it is the reason we see Russia at the brink of extinction as a nation, losing 1 million people from the population every year and laboring for an average wage of $2.50 per hour while the rest of the world passes it by.

And so it goes in Russia.

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