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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Russia has no Heart . . . literally

RIA Novosti reports that while "President" Putin is spending billions on weapons, Russians are dropping like flies from heart disease:

About 1.3 million people die of cardiovascular diseases annually in Russia, the country's chief cardiologist said Wednesday. "Cardiovascular diseases are the most frequent cause of death in Russia. The mortality rate is high compared to Western European countries, which have been experiencing a decrease in mortality rates for the past 20 years," Rafael Oganov said. "Lifestyle is the main factor that accounts for the mortality rate", he said, adding that there is no clear relation between mortality and economic status.

About 16 million Russians suffer from cardiovascular diseases, placing Russia second in the world, after Ukraine, in this respect.

Heart diseases account for 56.7% of total deaths, with about 30% involving people still of working age. Mortality among Russian men rose by 60% since 1991, four to five times higher than in Europe.

The average life expectancy for men in Russia is about 57.

Undoubtedly, the crazed apologists for dictatorship will say that this is proof Russians cannot govern themselves and must have their choices made for them by Grandpa Putin, as if they were puppies. The only problem is that this logic is what desroyed the USSR.

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