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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Sunday Photos: YouTube MegaEdition

Various heroic images of "President" Vladimir Putin. LR particularly likes the fact that there was no need to doctor his baby photo,it's hilarious all by itself au naturel!

Drunk Putin (yes, it's a fake . . . but it's a damn
good one, he sounds totally plastered in Russian)

Russian cops smoking crack

A Russian flash cartoon. What does it mean? Don't ask us,
we just find these things. It probably makes sense to Russians.

Mad Intersection - video powered by Metacafe

How is it that so many are killed in Russian
automobiles every year? Watch and see!

1 comment:

Digital Sunlight said...

I don't the cops in the video are smoking crack, it's most probably weed. Crack is kind of non-existent in Russia.