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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Russian Gaming Innovation is Breathtaking to Behold

Ah, Russia, land of technological innovation. Pioneer for the 21rst Century and beyond. Land of the brightest imaginable future. The Joystiq gamers site reports:

Leave it to Russia to find a new way to drink with your mates long distance. For those who wish to not take shots alone, there's now a special shot glass where that connects to your computer via USB. While logged into a special chat room, the glass keeps track of how much alcohol you have left, just to make sure you're keeping up. (In Russia, it's considered rude not to finish your shot.) We're not sure about the finer details of how it works, but we do know one thing: an intercontinental drinking match between top World of Warcraft guilds would rock. Or the first and last place of an Unreal Tournament match. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

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