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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Me so Horny II: Annals of Cheap Russian Prostitutes

Some readers (well, moronic apes) have expressed interest in knowing further details about the availability of attractive Russian women selling their bodies on the cheap. A few idiots have even suggested that despite Russia having an average wage one-third that of America's minimum wage, it might be possible that Americans (and other Western foreigners) would still not see Russian prostitutes as inexpensive. On her side, La Russophobe has heard that Russian whores are so popular that mentioning such things can cause a sudden temporary surge of traffic on a website as numerous horny weirdos are apparently trolling the internet looking for such opportunities as Russia is famous for offering them. Hence, if you click here you will find a listing of prostitutes from the city of St. Petersburg Russia who charge no more than $50 per hour (from just one pimping agency, in Russia there is a vast profusion, and St. Petersburg is the second-most expensive city in the country; go into the hinterlands, and prostitutes would become virtually free for Westerners with normal incomes). If anyone knows of a European nation offering a better bargain, do please inform La Russophobe. Albania, maybe? But they probably wouldn't offer such a wide variety of models to choose from, in so many styles and colors, would they? After all, it's a small country. In a nation where the average wage is $2.50 per hour, there's obviously considerable pressure on young women to pursue this mode of "employment." This is well documented in a film we've previously recommended, Lucas Moodysson's "Lilya 4ever." In Seattle in 2002, the going rate for a prostitute was $120 (undoubtedly inflation has bumped the rate to at least $150 since then), so one can find a prostitute in St. Petersburg for 1/3 the price. If one consumed prostitutes heavily enough, one could pay for the cost of a flight and even have a net profit by indulging in the Piter sex trade.

Russia is also a world leader in hosting affordable child pornography for the consumption of Western aficonados, as a recent bulletin from CBS News reports.


Vor V Zakone said...

Very interesting post... From my understanding most of the prostitutes in Russia actually come from Ukraine. So if you are advising potential sex tourists, why not send them to Lvov or Kiev or Odessa. Odessa is a port city with nice beaches...

Furthermore, Ukraine is not a draconian neo-soviet state where foreigners are prosecuted, their tourism will be welcome and they can enjoy their activities without fear. And in general prices are lower and unemployment is higher, so no doubt sexual services are even cheaper then Moscow or Piter....shorter flight too.

You took the liberty of pointing out some Russian sites. So, I would like to further elaborate (and in the interest of not making this blog look a hypocrite) and recommend as well as

Unfortunately, I don't have as much desire or time to google prostitute sites as LR, but in passing I would like to point to this article and a quote which might explain the domination of Ukrainian prostitutes in both Russia, Europe, and Muslim countries.

"Just under three-quarters of Ukrainian prostitutes are in the sex business because it provides them a living, while around 20 percent would not leave the profession even if given a comparable financial alternative, according to the first-ever sociological study on the plight of Ukraine's women of the night." Roman Woronowycz -
Kyiv Press Bureau

Feel free to draw your own conclusions...

La Russophobe said...


Thanks for the comment. While I'm not sure I agree with you that Russia gets its prostitutes from Ukraine (that sounds something like the old Soviet-era statement that Soviets don't have sex), you are quite right in pointing out that Ukraine's economy is even worse than Russia's and therefore one might find cheaper prostitutes there (though surely not as wide a selection as in mighty Russia). However, one must then ask why Ukraine is so poor, and the answer is clear: Because Russia has been sucking that nation's blood in leech-like fashion for decades, including imposing a massive famine that killed tens of thousands of innocent people.

Vor V Zakone said...

Careful LR, you're starting to sound like a Ukrainian nationalist, and that would completely compromise your journalistic integrity and hatred of all things Russian. By the way, could you remind the readers who was "sucking that nation's blood" before the Russians? And no, it wasn't the vors.