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Friday, February 16, 2007

In the Refrigerator

Reading from left to right:

TOP SHELF: Freedom of Speech. Khodorkovsky (in Solitary). Eggs.
MIDDLE SHELF: Cold War (Expiration Date:). Successor. Polonium.
BOTTOM SHELF: Connie's Dog Food. 7% Inflation. Milk.

Source: Ellustrator.

NB: These cartoons routinely draw several dozen comments from Russian readers when Ellustrator posts them and they are often worth reading. On the Ellustrator page for this item (linked above), a commenter asks: "What about 'elections'? What about 'health care'?" Another commenter answers him: "Don't forget, a refrigerator also has a freezer compartment, it's just not shown in the drawing."

NB: Russia is currently running 9-10% overall inflation according to Kremlin data (which means the real rate is quite possibly higher). However, the inflation rate on the prices of goods in the basic consumer basket that Russian people with an average weekly wage of $100 can afford roughly double the overall rate. The Kremlin expresses aspirations of achieving 7% inflation, a rate that would be deemed a harbinger of economic apocalypse if it were occurring the U.S. In Russia, it's a distant dreamlike goal.

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