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Monday, October 09, 2006

Now, Russia Goes After Lithuania

As if Russia's attack on the sovereignty of Georgia were not enough, it is now being reported that Russia has attempted to infiltrate the Lithuanian government to force it to back Russia in the dispute with Georgia, using Russia's diplomatic service in Lithuania as cover. Just as in Georgia, the ham-handed Neo-Soviet effort has been filed and the offending "diplomat" expelled from the country. Russia's aggressive, provocatory, imperialist conduct has exploded like a tsuanami in recent days, and we are suddenly faced with a full-fledged cold war with the Neo-Soviet Union. One thing's for sure: The world can't say it wasn't warned by La Russophobe.

The Moscow News reports:

Lithuania expelled a high-ranking Russian diplomat on Sunday for suspected spying, the independent Baltic News Service (BNS) reported, quoting unnamed sources. A Foreign Ministry spokesman declined immediate comment on the report but invited reporters to what he called an informal briefing on the issue on Monday. A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Vilnius also refused comment, the Reuters news agency reported. BNS said the sources told it that the Vilnius-based diplomat had been ordered to leave Lithuania on suspicion of espionage and “seeking to influence Lithuania’s determination to support Georgia amid its conflict with Moscow”. A diplomatic crisis between Georgia and Russia erupted last month after Georgian law enforcement officers detained several Russian officers on suspicion of spying for Moscow. The suspected spies were later handed over to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. On Lithuanian state television, Foreign Minister Petras Vaitiekunas said he would “neither confirm nor deny” the expulsion report. The head of Lithuania’s Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Raimundas Lopata, hinted at knowledge of the affair, telling state television: “Lithuania remains a state protecting its national interests, which in this given case are related to Lithuania’s support of Georgia.” Lopata noted that this was not the first case of its kind. In 2004, Lithuania ordered out the Russian military attache and two other diplomats for alleged intelligence activities. Moscow retaliated by expelling the Lithuanian military attache. The small Baltic state of Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union before gaining independence from Moscow in 1991, but its road to statehood was more troubled than that of other former Soviet republics. An earlier independence bid the previous year was throttled by a Soviet economic blockade and 13 unarmed Lithuanian civilians were killed in early 1991 while defending the Vilnius TV tower from an attack by an armored KGB unit.


La Russophobe said...

That's a horrible thought . . . but even worse is that its master plan probably includes cleansing Lithuania itself of such people.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: Very impressive, substantive response. No wonder Russia is such a basket case.

La Russophobe said...

UGLY: Your eductation is somewhat lacking. It's perfectly possible for a "spy" to be legally in a country. In fact, almost all of them are. What's illegal is to particpate in a coup d'etat against a government. Or maybe you think it's just fine if the US Embassy arms its staff and invades the Kremlin? It seems thinking and knowledge are long out of fashion now in Russia, and all that is left is incoherent babbling until the whole house of cards falls into a pile of dust. You're provoking the world's most powerful country into a new cold war when the USSR, with a much bigger population and economy, couldn't win the first one. It's beyond surreal . . . it's Russian.

Cyrill said...

Getting back to the original subject hijacked by coons, today's Kommersant reports that Lithuanian Prime Minister confirmed that one of the high ranking Russian diplomats is being expelled, there is still no news of who it is.

There is almost no coverage of the issue in the Media for now. It is most certainly not even close to the ferocity Moscow unloaded on Tbilisi with. But, after all, isn't Lithuania a part of NATO?

La Russophobe said...

CYRILL: In other words, isn't Russia a cowardly bully! Good point!

UGLY: You're quite mad you know. You can call the Russians who tried to overhthrow the duly elected government of Georgia, and who are now moving against Lithuiania, grapefruits for all I care. They're anti-democratic, imperialistic criminals and they're going to get what's coming to them. And so is Russia. I don't even dare to imagine what Russians would say if a group of Americans were found doing to the Kremlin what Russians just tried to do to Georgia; they'd have been shot long ago without trials. Truly, Russian hypocrisy is a breathtaking thing to behold. It is what has brought the country to the brink of utter ruin, losing 1 million people from its population every year.