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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Russians [HEART] Lukashenko

In a Public Opinion Foundation poll taken at the beginning of March, 79% of Russians polled said they had a positive or indifferent view towards crazed Belarussian Dictator Alexander Lukashenko, while only 12% had a negative impression of him and 7% could not give an opinion. Three times more respondents had a positive impression of the maniac than had a negative view of him. Twice as many people felt the reelection of Lukashenko would be better for Russia than thought the election of a new president would be best.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Russians could like Lukashenko (batjka - dad, buljbashi - like dead Turkmenistan dictator Turkmenbashi) even more than Putin, but Russia just losed they only allie in eastern Europe: Belorus.
All the time Lukashenko told about making united state with Russia, Kremlin gived them cheap oil, but when oil stopped, Lukashenko started to talk what they think about Kremlin.

Lukoil ceases to process oil in Belarus in give-and-take basis:

Лукашенко предложил России оплатить военные базы и транзит нефти: