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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bloggers of the World, UNITE!

It is the policy of this blog to deal only with issues pertaining to Russia, with one exception -- that being the censorship of the blogosphere by governments.

Therefore, we note with extreme disgust the efforts of the government of India, supposedly a flourishing democracy, to silence certain blogs it finds objectionable, including several blogs associated with BLOGGER, the host of this blog.

Uber-blogger Michelle Malkin has all the details. Michelle has pointed out that UAE and China are also major offenders in this area, and Russia of course is another country to added to the list. Russia's SORM legislation was a cutting-edge effort of the government to officially provide for spying on the blogosphere, and one can only imagine what Russia's KGB government is doing behind closed doors.

Showing the awesome power of the blogosphere, India has already begun to relent on this issue. Bloggers of every stripe must stand united throughout the world in opposition to any government effort to censor the blogosphere.

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