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Monday, July 17, 2006

Conservative Estimate of the Cost of Russia's War in Chechnya as of Today

$16.12 billion

by the end of the week it will be

$16.155 billion

(that's enough to double the salaries of 10,000 impoverished Russian school teachers for the next 500 years)


Anonymous said...

the cost of war in IRAQ...

that's enough to hire an infinite amount of russophobes for this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Bush proposes to Putin the Iraqi model for democracy:-)

La Russophobe said...

The whole point is that the cost of the war in Iraq is too high, and should be reduced. And pound for pound, the cost of the war in Chechnya is harder for Russians to bear than Iraq is for Americans, so I'm glad you agree that Chechnya should be stopped as well. But Ameicans are struggling to stop the war in Iraq, while cowardly Russians are doing NOTHING about the cost of the war in Chechnya. That's the difference between a successful civilization and a failed one.