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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Clapton Ain't Gonna Play Neo-Soviet City

The Beeb reports that the Kremlin is afraid of Eric Clapton and won't let him play a concert in Neo-Soviet Russia. It's deja vu all over again. Welcome to the Neo-Soviet Union.

Musician Eric Clapton has called off a concert in Moscow's Red Square after Russian officials withdrew permission for the event.

The singer had been scheduled to play before 20,000 people on 3 August and had a permit "signed by all appropriate Russian city and state authorities".

According to his website, however, the permit was withdrawn on 28 July.

The statement said he was "extremely sorry" to disappoint his fans, but the situation was "beyond his control".

Clapton had intended to end his current European tour in Moscow. Instead it will now finish on Monday in Helsinki, Finland.

The 61-year-old performs in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Saturday night.

Later this year he will tour the US and Canada with blues musician Robert Cray.

In 2005 Clapton joined his former Cream bandmates Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce for a handful of reunion concerts.

The British guitarist's many hits include I Shot the Sheriff, Wonderful Tonight and Layla, recorded as Derek and the Dominoes.


copydude said...

More evidence of shocking and entrenched bias

Sorry to disappoint the rightwingnuts, but there are, as always, two sides two every story. Unless you're as unbalanced as Russophobe.


"The cancellations of the concert is formally connected with a change of the venue for the show," Alexander Strizhakf, president of professional stage company JSA told Pravda. "We originally considered two variants: near the Spassky Gate and on the Vasilyevsky Spusk [both located on Red Square]. The permission was issued for the Vasilyevsky Spusk and not actually Red Square. The artist used the situation to cancel the show."

The promoter continued: "He did not like the fact that his performance was not going to be held on the square itself, although the Vasilyevsky Spusk is legally a part of it. Most likely, Clapton had some other reasons for that decision."

Strizhakf said his team was ready to begin construction on the stage, but Clapton's management put the kibosh on it. No word on whether Clapton will attempt to make up the Moscow date.,1,19636,00.html?rssmusic

La Russophobe said...

Wow! Pravda sides with the Putin administration! What a shock! And of course Pravda is much more reliable than the BBC, as we all know.

Copydude, I bet you think there were two sides to Auschwitz too, don't you? After all, if Hitler was so mad at the Jews, he must have had a reason, right?

copydude said...

What has this to do with either Putin or Auschwitz - what sloppy line of thought got you there.

Read the music papers on this story. Eric was miffed because Paul McCartney got to play Red Square proper and he only got an off-Red Square venue. So he through his teddy out of the pram.

La Russophobe said...

COPYDUDE: Hitler said that anyone who disagreed with him was a "sloppy thinker" who should be shot. Stalin said the same. So I guess it's not surprising that you think just like your heroes.

There are not two sides to everything. Mass murder is 100% bad no matter what the mass murderers say about it. That's the point, you blockhead propagandizing Neo-Soviet shil.

If you want me to read certain press reports, LINK THEM. Otherwise, I assume they don't exist.

I assume you are accusing Clapton of lying. If so, I suggest you take it up with him and get a correction, then I'll run it.

Meanwhile, even your version clearly indicates that Kremlin actions deprived Russians of the concert, yet one more disastrous Neo-Soviet failure. So thanks for confirming it.