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Saturday, July 29, 2006

More Intense Humiliation for Russia: ANOTHER Rocket Crashes at Baikonur, with EIGHTEEN Satellites Aboard

First Russia is totally humiliated at the G-8 Summit, then cruelly spurned by not one but four CIS countries at the CIS Summit, and then it destroys a host of international satellites in a spectacular rocket failure. Radio New Zealand reports:

A Russian rocket that was trying to launch 18 satellites into orbit around the Earth has crashed shortly after lift-off. All the satellites were destroyed as the unmanned rocket came down about 25 kilometres from the launch pad at Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

Seventeen of the satellites belonged to foreign countries, including what would have been the first from Belarus.

Officials say the first and second stages of the rocket failed to separate correctly after 86 seconds of flight, causing the Dnepr - a converted intercontinental missile - to crash.
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko had travelled to Baikonur especially to witness the launch.

Welcome to the reality of life under Valdimir Putin. Unending humiliation before the world, just like in the USSR.

Hopes for Montana science students crushed by Russian incompetence.

Lukashenko humiliated.

Norway regrets putting eggs in Russian basket.

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