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Monday, July 17, 2006

Truth: Pravda is Full of It (if you know where to look)

Who is Russia's most famous athlete?

Pravda knows.

(In case you have never heard of Alina Kabaeva, that's her in the pictures, doing a striptease as many other famous Russian "athletes" have done over the years in the pages of Russia's tabloid press. In case you've never heard of her, Ms. Kabaeva is a ryhthmic gymnast. If you've never heard of her, you're obviously an ignorant dolt who knows nothing about Russia. Just ask Pravda!)

Are the Germans still killing Russians?

Pravda will tell you.

(Not only is Russia not able to defeat Chechnya, apparently it hasn't even defeated Nazi Germany after 50 years. Pravda says that Russian children finding German shells and being blown up by them is "common." Yet there is no national effort underway, despite Russia's oil largesse, to find and deactivate these shells, now is there? What a surprise in Vladimir Putin's Russia, the government could care less, and still thinks it has plenty of resources available to murder other Russian youth in Chechnya.)


Anonymous said...

wow, no one wants to post on la Russophobe blog... hahaha.

there was only one post here, and it came from laRussophobe=gomavsgo...

That's very nice to use multiple screen names pretending to have a discussion, right LR?

It was funny when you quickly COMPLETELY erased the post, where it was stated that gomavsgo=larussophobe. LOL You did it like a real stalinist sovok!!!

But admins of LR need attention, and more visitors, so they enabled anonymous post again:-)

By the way, you don't speak Russian, and your babblefish translations suck, just like your life...

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Let the circus begin again...

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(NB: readers of this blog will be always reminded that you are fake and you use fake screen names)

La Russophobe said...

Don't you think it's a bit of a contradiction to say BOTH that nobody wants to post on this blog AND that I won't let anybody post?

You are Russian for sure, only a Russian could come up with something as bizarre as that. Don't drink and post, it just makes you look silly, Mike Averko.