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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hosting G-8 Backfires in Russia's Face

The best-laid plans of mice and other Kremlin vermin often go astray!

Despite its PR hopes, Russia's hosting of the G-8 conference in St. Petersburg has only resulted in an avalanche of negative publicity and analysis the like of which La Russophobe hardly dared dream about and with which she can barely keep up:

Solzhenitsyn in the New Yorker.

Gary Kasparov in the New York Times.

Richard Lourie in the Moscow Times.

Major exposé pieces by key Russia journalists from the Times of London the the Telegraph.

The story breaks that Russia has been giving nuclear weapons technology to North Korea, and Chechen rebel leader vows attacks on Russia proper. Planes start crashing, followed by general airport debacles. And to top it all off, it turns out Putin is a pedophile.

All documented below in the virtual pages of La Russophobe. This couldn't have turned out better if she'd planned it herself.

It just goes to show that the Neo-Soviet Union is every bit is ignorant, arrogant and ham-handed as the original, and it is wildly diminished in terms of population, allies and military potency. Yet, as all the commentators agree, is it baiting the United States in to a second cold war, one it cannot possibly surivive.

Putin is actually so isolated and arrogant that he thinks he can invite the whole world to St. Petersburg and dupe them with some perverse Potemkin into thinking that Russia is powerful and friendly. He actually think's he's a Neo-Soviet man who can avoid the mistakes of his forefathers. In other words, he's a classic deluded Russian.

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