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Monday, July 24, 2006

Russia Fires Crazed Cold War Salvo

La Russophobe has reported that Russia began Cold War II with a direct personal attack from the mouth of the "President" of Russia upon the Vice President of the United States.

Now, Blogger News reports that the Kremlin has increased the ante, using state-owned Voice of Russia to launch a personal attack on the president himself, calling him a moron. Apparently, the attack was so shocking that, as Blogger News reports, it has now been removed from the VOR website (so La Russophobe cannot link you to it, dear reader).

Perhaps La Russophobe missed it, but has Bush or Cheney made any personal remarks about Putin or his prime minister (what is his name, anway? ;)? When Cheney made strongly critical comments about Russian policy many Russophiles were quick to spring forward and label his words provocation. Where are they now? Silent, of course.

The Soviet Union couldn't defeat America with twice the population and an equal economy, yet Russia thinks it can do so with half the population and one-tenth the economy? What has "President" Putin been smoking? Or has he been sniffing oil fumes?

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