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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Annals of Cold War II: Russia Sells Warplanes to Venezuela

The Turkish Press reports that Russia is doing a deal with Venezuaela to sell it 30 Su-30 fighter jets and 30 helicopters, quoting Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov.

This is despite an embargo by the United States on military trade by American manufacturers with Venezuela, a hardened America foe, and comes after news that Venezuela had received 30,000 such rifles from Russia, the first shipment of an order of 100,000 that was agreed in a 54-million-dollar deal with Moscow last year.

How does Russia's support for Venezuela differ at all from the USSR's support for Cuba?

If Russia can supply warplanes to Venezuela, why can't America supply warplanes to Chechnya? (Before you, Russophile madman, scram that Chechnya is a "part of Russia" while Venezuela isn't part of America: (a) Since when do Slavs in Russia consider Chechens to be Russian cititzens and treat them as such? and (b) So that means if America invades and conquers Belarus, and annexes it to the United States, Russia can't say a thing about America supplying it with weapons that threaten Russia, right?)

Russians are intentionally provoking Cold War II, the one they can't possibly survive.

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