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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NYT Utterly Flubs Russian Blogosphere

If you want to have a laugh at something truly pathetic, have a gander at the New York Times' "Russia Navigator" page.

The so-called "navigator" only makes reference to one blog about Russia, and the link to that blog, Laughter in the Darkness, which is provided by the times indicates that it has not had a new post since the middle of May, more than two months ago. Actually, as Sean Guillory has pointed out in a comment, the Times hasn't even got the link to the one blog it does mention correct, since the blog does contain more recent information which can be viewed if the correct link is used.

Its list of source material about Russia is pathetic to say the least, and contains a prominent link to the JRL Website which its own creator dismisses as an afterthought.

One could easily get the impression that the Times is ignorant, or worse afraid of competition and simply afraid to provide readers with any real look at the world outside its window. This blog provides a far more comprehensive review of material on the web about Russia than does the vaunted New York Times.


Sean Guillory said...

Actually Laughter in the Dark had a post four days ago. The NY Times people are just to stupid to link or spell it correctly. You are right, their blog list is atrocious. Whoever did research for it is a dolt.

La Russophobe said...

SEAN: Thanks for the correction! The post has been updated. I guess the NYT is even more pathetic than I imagined.

I have heard that the NYT editor have extreme hatred of blogs bordering on obsession, maybe that accounts for it. The Gray Lady may hear the footsteps.

Meanwhile, I see that the problem is compounded because the list of sources and blogs provided by Laughter in the Dark is also extremely flimsy and doesn't make up for the Navigator's lapses.