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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yanukovich, Round 2?

With the world buzzing over the prospect of Russian lackey Viktor Yanukovich returning to power in Ukraine, now is a good time to remind readers that one of the first acts undertaken by this blog was to expose Yanukovich, a convicted criminal, for the fraud that he is.

It's worth revisiting that post to get a clear understanding of just who this man is, an evil functionary of the evil dictator who presides over the Kremlin.

Yanukovich is attempting to return to power in Ukraine despite having received only one-third of the popular vote (that is, two-thirds of the country voted against him). He is able to consider doing so only by making a disgustling alliance with the Communist Party that utterly devastated Ukraine over the last few decades, and by using the illicit power of the Russian state (which poisoned his rival when he last ran for office) to back him.

Let there be no mistake: Yanukovich returning to power in Ukraine after mass public protests drove him from office would be an act of naked imperialism by the Kremlin and tantamout to an act of war against the EU and NATO, seeking to prevent the Ukrainians' clear preference to join those organizations and exit Moscow's orbit.

And let there be no misunderstanding: Yanukovich cannot govern Ukraine except by brute force assisted from Moscow, tantamount to an invasion by Russian forces. The Ukrainians have already shown that, unlike Russians, they are willing to trudge into the street and risk their lives for freedom and democracy, and this vile little man cannot stand those forces down by any means other than violence such as we have seen in Belarus. Will the world allow Ukraine to degenerate into a new Belarus?

We shall see.

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