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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reckless Russians Really Ruin Roe

The New York Times reports another sign of the apocalypse for Russia. Just as California decimated the French wine industry years ago, winning a major international competition head-to-head with the Frenchies and proving that Napa could outdo Bordeaux, now the Golden State (which by the way has a GDP larger than Russia's all by itself - in fact, Russia's raw GDP is rivaled by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area alone) looks set to surpass Russia in the production of sturgeon caviar. Totally irresponsible Russians, heedless of the environment, have destroyed the Caspian caviar beds, and now in the future it will be California, not Russia, that is famous for the expensive fishy treat. This comes on the heels of Russia being beaten in several major international vodka competitions by the likes of France and Poland. What's left when Russia no longer has caviar and vodka? Zaire with Permafrost, of course.


Anonymous said...

1,567,765th sign of Russia's apocalypse.

Once again LR did not read attentivelly the original article, but saw random words like "Russia," "caviar," "California," "ban," "Caspian." Then there was a click in LR's head, "Must post this article on my site, with a russophobic spin. Am I a Russophone or what?"

The artcile talks about FARM caviar from california, which is cheapper to produce. The UN imposed a ban on caviar comming from Caspian region because of overfishing. California does not allow wild fishing for caviar either:-) because it would also lead to overfishing. In any case, there are caviar farms, in Russia, and Kazakhstan, and they still operate.

There is nothing wrong with the UN ban. It's a right thing to do.

Following the lead of our President George W. Bush with commencement of issuing medal for victory in the Cold War; I propose to award La Russophobe with a Medal of Valour for her stance (in her head) against evil Russkies in the Cold War II. She(he, they) is/are our first line of defense against Russophile propoganda!

God bless LR!

BTW, why do you refer to French as "Frenchies," while calling your self "la russophobe?" Please separate your hate in your head. We hate Russians on this site, and for consistency reasons French are on our side:-)

La Russophobe said...

ANONYMOUS: perhaps you are Russian and therefore averse to anything like research or facts, but if you want to find out how many signs of the apocalypse have been listed on La Russophobe, all you have to do is enter the word into her search engine. Had you done that, you would know that there have only been six such signs noted on this blog.


The point of citing the article is that California is successfully producing caviar while Russia isn't. Sorry if your blind Russophilia prevented you from seeing that.

Or maybe you have evidence that Russia is producing farm-raised caviar, or that it is cleaning up the Caspian and will soon be able to harvest wild caviar?

You can't acknowledge your failure and that is why you are doomed to be overcome by it. Denial will get you nowhere but oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Dear LaRussophobe,
Russia IS producing farm caviar, and IS raising young fishes in order to let them out in Volga when they grow.
As for Caspian region - there are many countries there beside Russia - Kazakhstan, Turkmenia, Iran, Azerbaijan. Why shouldn't they take part in cleaning up the Caspian sea, fish breeding and poacher fighting, as they obviously bear responcibility for it too?

Anonymous said...

Karmen, you don't get it yet? It's all Russia's fault!!!

The USA is the worlds largest polluter, but that's ok according to the ignorant LR.

La Russophobe said...

KARMEN: Anyone can talk. Where is your evidence? Are you capable of adding value to the blog or only expressing your meaingless unsupported "feelings" and "opinions"? Do you know the meaning of the term "research"? All La Russophobe statements are supported by links to the web.

Your attempt to blame Russia's failings on other countries is typical Neo-Soviet nonsense, exactly what destroyed the USSR.