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Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Horrific Race Violence in Russia's Capital

The Associated Press reports on yet more outrageous racist atrocities in the Russian capital, now in the form of racist wolf pack activity, made even worse by more attempts to fob them off as "hooliganism":

Prosecutors said Monday that they are investigating the weekend stabbings of five ethnic minorities in Moscow as hate crimes. Four ethnic Armenians and one Azerbaijani were attacked by about 15 assailants at a subway station Saturday, said Sergei Marchenko, a spokesman for the Moscow prosecutor's office.

The office initially said only two people were hurt in the attack and that it was being investigated as "hooliganism," not a hate crime.

Russia has seen a wave of hate crimes in recent years, with hundreds of attacks reported, including many on dark-skinned immigrants from former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus Mountains region. Rights activists say hate groups are emboldened by authorities' mild approach to prosecuting hate crimes, with neo-Nazi and extremist literature sold freely. Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian condemned the attacks and urged Russia to do more to head off a rising tide of violent xenophobia. "This is a widespread and continuing phenomenon in Russia," Oskanian said. "The Russian authorities need to take serious steps to thwart it, otherwise such incidents will be a serious threat to Russia itself."

Meanwhile, three suspects in the Saturday stabbing of a Kazakh citizen were arrested for a racially motivated crime, the Interfax news agency reported. Also Saturday, two Uzbek citizens were hospitalized with multiple stab wounds after being attacked in southwest Moscow, Interfax said. Alexander Brod, who heads the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, said the surge in attacks might be tied to two high-profile conferences that opened in the capital on Monday before a summit of the Group of Eight major industrialized nations that begins next week in St. Petersburg. "On the eve of two such important events, it's quite possible that Moscow's nationalist radicals demonstrated their aggressiveness to announce their presence," Brod told The Associated Press. Interfax quoted an Armenian community leader, Ara Abramian, as saying the attacks were "a direct provocation before the G-8 meeting," and sharply criticized Moscow law enforcement for failing to prevent such assaults. "I can't understand how big groups of skinheads can walk around the Moscow metro and freely attack people with (knives) in the center of Moscow in broad daylight," he said.

La Russophobe can understand, Mr. Abramian, so let her explain it to you. They can do it because they believe the Russian population supports them, and there is no significant evidence to the contrary.

How many dark-skinned people must be stabbed in Russia before the world will recognize and deal with this atrocity? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? Are the Europeans such blazing hypocrites that they can toss all their grandiose talk about liberal social values right out the window as soon as their precious gas supply might be threatened? Do they really believe they can sit safely in the their homes and watch as a racist conflagration consumes Russia? When the skinheads have power, will they not seek to rid the world of all non-Slavics?


Anonymous said...

Dear Larusophobe,
Have you ever counted, how many russians were killed, robbed and chaised from their houses by newly made nationalists in the 90-th? Why don't you count, how many crimes were committed in Russia by national criminal groups? And you dare to blame russians? That is just a normal reaction to indignity and criminal actions of those criminal groups.

La Russophobe said...

The fact that you think groups of Rusian thugs stabbing helpless children is "normal" explains perfectly why Russia will soon be nothing but a sad memory as its population disappears from the face of the earth. Thanks for your comment, which perfectly illustrates the horrific and pandemic nature of Russian racism today and the vital need for this blog.

Anonymous said...

Why you speak only about "russian thugs"? There are by far much more such groups of georgian, armenian, gipsy and so on thugs. But you speak only about russian. I wonder, why?
More than 300 000 non-chechen people were chased from Chechnya in the 90-th. But nobody said not a word about that, nobody called that genocide. But everybody is crying about a dozen of scuffles, often inspirated by criminals.
I am starting to think, that merely you are racist and man-hater.
Tell me, when a gangster is robbing you, would you think about his skin colour or nationality, or just kick him in order to defend yourself?

Anonymous said...

yeah and america is number 1 in the world for murder says in guiness book of records. How many racial crimes occur in america many,i got 2 say this is a funny site as it has so much crap on it.

Anonymous said...

"is a funny site"

Shhh... it's all serious in LR's head... don't tell her...

La Russophobe said...

ANONYMOUS: The murder rate in America is far lower than it is in Russia, that has already been documented on this blog. Your shameful Neo-Soviet propaganda is tissue-paper thin and absurd on its face. You're just making a fool of yourself spewing out such ignorant lies, and you don't even have the courage to put a consistent name behind your comments. In other words, you're a classic Russophile idiot.

We're not suprised you find one Russian women being killed by her husband every 40 minutes to be funny. That is why your country is becoming extinct.