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Friday, September 01, 2006

Neo-Soviet Russia is Creepily Becoming a Holy Fascist Empire

It appears that Neo-Soviet Russia will replace the communist ideological element of Sovietism with, ironically, religion. No sooner did Neo-Soviet Russia block all non-Russian Christians from broadcasting on Russian radio waves than it announced that Orthodox Russian Christianity will soon be taught in Russian schools (Hitler was also a great fan of religion as a political weapon). As RIA Novosti reports:

The teaching of Orthodox Christianity in public schools will hurt Jews and other minorities in Russia, a Russian Jewish leader has said. Berel Lazar, one of Russia’s two chief rabbis, was quoted Wednesday by JTA as saying in an interview with a Moscow radio station that the introduction in four Russian regions of a new subject called the “Foundations of Russian Orthodox Culture” will “divide children into different classes” and ostracize minorities. Russian Muslims have also been reported to criticize the new subject that will become obligatory in certain regions of central Russia starting Friday. The curriculum change was first reported Wednesday.Russia is a multi-confessional state with the Russian Orthodox Church seen as the most popular religion. Other religions include Islam, Protestantism, Judaism, Buddhism and a number of less popular confessions.

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