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Friday, September 08, 2006


On Saturday October 7th, at 1 pm in the 37 Arts Gallery located at 450 West 37th Street in Manhattan, Russian political activist Garry Kasparov will be interviewed by David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker magazine. The cost of attending is $25 and further details can be obtained by calling (877) 391-0545. All those interested in the development of democracy and political alternatives in Russia should consider attending and expressing their support to the valiant Mr. Kasparov, who is risking all to give Russia a choice. The event is part of the 7th Annual New Yorker Festival, and is especially timely in light of the shocking attempt by Russia, detailed above, to subvert the elected regime in Georgia (after attempting the same thing in Ukraine) and the orgy of racism and other human rights violations sweeping the country. Even if you don't specifically support Mr. Kasparov, you should support his presence on the political landscape as way of encouraging other prospective leaders to throw their hats into the ring and give Russians real choices during elections. La Russopohbe has already documented the Kremlin's relentless attacks on Mr. Kasparov and his party, showing how significant they really are and how genuine is Mr. Kasparov's commitment.

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