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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Ballot in Moldova

The Associated Press reports that Russia has no problem with votes being carried out in foreign countries asking sections of those countries to break away and crawl to Russia. But let any votes occur in which such sections consider breaking away to move away from Russia, and suddenly there is a great protest from Russia about not interfering in soveriegn political systems. Why can Trans-Dniester vote to break away but not Chechnya?

TIRASPOL, Moldova -- Voters in Moldova's breakaway Trans-Dniester region overwhelmingly approved the separatist government's bid to eventually join Russia, election officials said Monday.

Pyotr Denisenko, head of the Trans-Dniester Central Election Commission, said that 97.1 percent of voters had voted in favor of the region's 16-year-old independence course with the ultimate goal of union with Moscow.

Moldova and the West have vowed not to recognize the referendum, just as they have refused to recognize the Russian-speaking region's de facto independence. They have called on Trans-Dniester to return to talks with Moldova, aimed at giving the region broad autonomy but keeping it in Moldova.

Voters in Sunday's poll were also asked whether they wanted to abandon independence and reunite with Moldova, with whom separatists fought a 1992 war that killed 1,500 people. Denisenko said 94.6 percent voted against a union with Moldova.

Russia has also given no indication that it intends to gobble up the impoverished slice of land, home to about 550,000 people, one-fifth of whom are already Russian citizens. Trans-Dniester shares no border with Russia, and the Kremlin has been cautious about assigning significant legal meaning to the referendum.


James said...

Trans-Dniester shares no border with Russia.....
Who are the colonists again Mr. Putin?

La Russophobe said...

One could probably make a great psychological study of this phenomenon. Chechens are "Russians" when they want to leave Russia, so nobody can interfere with Russia's "sovereignty," but when they walk the streets of their country they are killed in pogroms as "non-Russians."

So too, borders only matter when Russians say they do. Otherwise, they're invisible.

It's amazing that after 800 years of failing Russians still think they can make this kind of hypocrisy work out.