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Sunday, September 10, 2006


La Russophobe has stumbled across an entertainment blog called EnglishRussia which has some interesting content and statistics.

As to content, there's for example a YouTube video of a clash between two groups of soccer hooligans in St. Petersburg, accompanied by a comment from a reader that states: "This video makes me sad. Why can’t the Russians just get long? Why can’t they target Muslims or niggers instead?" It also offers a series of photos from the Moscow Metro, linked to in the Sunday Funnies, above.

As to statistics, although the blog only contains 2 months worth of archives, Technorati indicates it has been linked to 821 times by 456 blogs, placing it 4,414th out of all blogs in the world and perhaps making it the most popular Russia-relataed blog in the world. Oddly, it doesn't contain a list of blog links or much other information beyond its content. Perplexingly, its site counter states that it has had 919,184 vistors so far, and that 504,627 of these have come in the last week alone. It does not tag itself on Technorati as a "Russia blog" although some of its tags make reference to Russia; its tags do make repeated reference to "Russian girls," for instance.

Perhaps this blog has existed longer than its archives and site counter indicate; in any case its an interesting find, and La Russophobe asks readers if they have any additional information about EnglishRussia or about any other English language Russia blogs which are unknown to her and may not be easy to discover. We are always interested in updating our blog index.


nikolay / said...

EnglishRussia used covert spam tactics on LiveJournal communities for a while; then I lost track of them. You're sure to get a lot of linkage by posting the kind of pictures that they post, especially popular with dim-witted Russia-bashers like your esteemed self.

Other blogs? Check out, by me, started after I was offered to write for EnglishRussia, thought "hell no" and then thought "BUT". I hope it annoys you greatly.


Nikolay (previously known as "alanov" in your Huck Finn thread).

La Russophobe said...

Thanks! We thought it was something like that. It seemed vaguely sexual but we are not very sophisticated in that kind of stuff. What's the benefit to them though? Do they make money off it somehow?

Meanwhile, we'll check out your blog and let you know.