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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dark Stormclouds Over Russia

Over the past few days, La Russophobe has reported on a series of extremely disturbing developments in Russia.

First a paranoid, classically Neo-Soviet report was circulated in the Russian Duma accusing the United States of plotting secretly to destroy Russia and calling for Cold War with the U.S.

Then came news of the Russian military's intention to declare America its enemy in an upcoming military policy document.

And finally news of an attempted coup d'etat by Russia against the pro-U.S. government in Georgia came out, followed shortly by the disclosure of a spy ring and a major diplomatic incident in which Russia gave sanctuary to a member of the ring and recalled its ambassador for consultations. This news comes only weeks after NATO announced it was entering final negotiations with Georgia to enter the NATO fold.

La Russophobe has been documenting the provocation by Russia of Cold War II for months now, but even she is surpised by the rapid escalation that these events indicate. What's next? Will Russian troops actually move into Georgia? Will this then justify American troops being used against Russian allies in Cuba and Venezuela?

How can Russians possibly imagine that they can survive a second cold war with the United States, whose economy is ten times the size of Russia's and whose population is double, when the Soviet Union couldn't survive the first round with a much larger economy, army and population? Are Russians drunk on oil revenues? Or have they simply given up rationality? Or hope, and are hell-bent on suicide?

Tis true, if she were in Russia now La Russophobe would have to think about suicide seriously. How could she not, seeing the KGB return to power by means of elections so soon after it destroyed the USSR, white-washing and demolishing hundreds of beautiful Russian churches, kiling their priests, and rounding up Russia's best and brightest for the gulags?

Is this the beginning of the end for Russia as we know it?

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