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Friday, September 08, 2006

LR Welcomes 10,000th Visitor

A few minutes ago La Russophobe was pleased to welcome the 10,000th visit to the blog. Visit #10,000 came from Egham, Slough, United Kingdom.

It took La Russophobe 153 days to reach this milestone, meaning that she averaged 65 visits per day during the first 5+ months of her existence (visit #10,000 came six days after her five-month anniversary). At her current rate of traffic, it will only take about 105 days for her to accrue a second 10,000 visits.

Though she knows she's still a baby, La Russophobe is already a force to be reckoned with in the Russia-watching world because she is the most heavily trafficked and most content-rich Russia specialty blog on the planet.

If you are reading these words, (and especially if you are writing or commenting on others) you are a part of La Russophobe and her accomplishments are yours as well. But her challenges are also yours, and there is a long, long way to go before even a reasonable semblance of democracy or freedom arrives in Russia, much less a benign, non-imperial government (if it ever does). La Russophobe thanks all her readers and especially her contributors for their continuing support and courage in the face of the rising Neo-Soviet monstrosity.


coen van zwol said...

NAH. I have a Russia specialty blog with 3000-5000 individual visitors daily. What takes you half a year, cost me just two or three days. Not you language, sorry. But your claims ar pathetic.

La Russophobe said...

What's pathetic is that you don't identify your alleged blog, which certainly isn't listed on Technorati. If it exists, name it we'll be happy to give you the credit you deserve. Otherwise, shut your pathetic lying mouth.

coen van zwol said...

Seek and thou shall find.

La Russophobe said...

Oh do I win a prize if I do? Do I get three guesses? Is it this?

coen van zwol said...

Nah, just not waiting for your comments (though my blog is moderated) They're not terrible intelligent.
Anyway, buzy bees, I'm out in Karelia for a while, promise to trash you some more when I'm back in Moscow. Cause you must feel pretty lonely on this blog. Okay? Bye now..

La Russophobe said...

Well, we'll assume you are a liar then until you prove otherwise.