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Sunday, September 10, 2006

LR on PP

Click out La Russophobe's latest on Publius Pundit, where she reviews information coming out of Georgia that the Kremlin sought unsuccessfully to foment a coup d'etat against Georgia's elected president, who wants to move Georgia into the EU and NATO, exposing the crazed, seething hatred of the Russophile crowd for the Georgian government.

We've seen the Kremlin poison an opposition candidate for the presidency in Ukraine and use energy blackmail there as well as in Belarus and the Baltics while opening supporting favored leaders like Lukashenko and Yanukovich. Now, apparently, the Kremlin has decided that these methods won't be enough in rebelious Georgia, so it is resorting the the crude tactics of Soviet imperialism in its effort to dominate the scene. Your comments on the unfolding developments and the disturbing future possibilities are welcome.

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