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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yanukovich Turns Toward Europe!

Russophiles across the land are groaning at the news that Ukraine's Victor Yanukovich, supposedly the savior of Russia's grand imperialism designs, is cuddling up to Europe in a most unexpectd fashion. And just when it looked like Russia had a chance to dig its claws into Ukraine after Yanukovich weasled his way into the prime ministership! What a tragedy! Ukraine Forum reports that alleged Russophile Yanukovich has joined with Victor Yushchenko to support Ukraine joining the European Union, Russia's ultimate nightmare (combined with NATO membership):

Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich considers that the future EU partners of Ukraine must treat our country as a strong and interesting partner, but not as a suppliant.

“Government of Ukraine sets a task to turn the state from a suppliant, the role of which Ukraine has played, into all-sufficient and interesting partner of Brussels,” Yanukovich said speaking in the parliament.

He considers that the government must do its best to bring Ukrainian legislation in correspondence with legislation of the European Union.

“In this process we will pay great attention to mutual beneficial and good-neignbouring relations with Russia. We are sure this is an obligatory condition to lead the country to the way of speeded up economic development,” the Premier noted.

Yanukovich underlined that the Cabinet intends to guarantee supplies of energy carriers to Ukraine, and through its territory to the European Union. “We are reliable partners of both Russia and Europe, and we will maintain such reputation of our state, establishing energy policy, which answers interests of Ukraine,” the Premier assured the parliamentarians.

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