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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blog vs. Blog: Just the Facts, Please

Here's what wacky Wally Shed of the Accidental Russophile recently wrote to La Russophobe in a comment on this blog: "This will be the last time you'll hear from me on this embarassment that you call a 'blog'." This came after he called La Russophobe an "idiot." Which came just before he attacked La Russophobe for "hatemongering." Isn't that ironic. As for the first sentence, here are some statistics comparing the "embarrassing" La Russophobe to Wally's cauldron of outrageous America-bashing propaganda, enabling the rise of dictatorship in Russia.

As of 9am E.S.T. Wednesday September 20:


11,500 visits in six months or 1,918 visits per month


11,793 visits in seven months or 1,710 visits per month


182 links from blogs in six months or 30 links per month.


134 links from blogs in seven months or 19 links per month


33 linking blogs in six months or 6 linking blogs per month


52 linking blogs in seven months or 7 linking blogs per month

In other words, in every category La Russophobe either vastly exceeds or nearly matches Wally's blog, which is much older than hers. So if this blog is an "embarrassment" then what can we say about the Wallygator's efforts? Ultraembarrassing? Wally's counter registers only slightly more total visits than La Russophobe even though Wally's blog has existed 30% longer than hers has, and he has signifantly fewer views of his profile.

So La Russophobe can't help but wonder . . . is he jealous, or is he just trying to wipe the truth off the face of the earth? In a post about American propaganda on Russia, Wally vehemently condemns American "ignorance." In a post about Russian propaganda on America, he asks the reader to decide whether Russian propaganda is right or wrong. So La Russophobe will let the reader decide about Wally's motivations.


Bleys said...

Wuman, 10% is "vast" in your imagination only. I bet if you don't count the links of the "come see our pet idiot" quality, the table will be turned

La Russophobe said...

So you think 30 is 10% more than 19? You must have studied math in Russia.