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Friday, September 01, 2006

Congratulations to Us!

Last night, La Russophobe broke into the top 100,000 blogs in the world out of the tens of millions tracked by Technorati, the world's leading blog data source, based on link activity. Right now, Technorati says La Russophobe is the 99,706th most influential blog in the world. Being in the top 100,000 means that Technorati will start providing extra tracking data about La Russophobe's traffic and will treat the blog as being among the elite. Look for some tracking information on the readership to be posted here tomorrow for reader edification.

La Russophobe hasn't even had her five-month anniversary yet! Given that this blog is devoted exclusively to one topic, and isn't even half a year old, this news proves how important that topic is. We broke into the top 200,000 blogs at the beginning of the month, and we are honored to be counted among the top 0.2% of all blogs worldwide, a testament to the importance of blogging democratic values where Russia is concerned. Congratulations to us. And by "us" we mean YOU who are reading these words, because YOU are a part of this community and YOU are responsible for making us what we are today. The readers are every bit as important as the writers. This blog's significance is a testament to the fact that there is a large community in the world which is deeply concerned by the rise of the Neo-Soviet Union in Russia and which wishes to do what is possible to avoid another century of woe both in Russia and outside it.

La Russophobe warmly thanks all those who have supplied us with content, comments and readership and congratulates all of us on a job well done. But we have no illusions. There is a long hard slog ahead of us and we have only just begun. Still, it's a fine start!


guzhevnikov said...

congrats again---
the prostitution post was very interesting
i don't understand all the personal insults, but it's your blog

La Russophobe said...

GUZHY: Spasibochka! Congratulate yourself as well, since you are a part of the blog by reading and especially by commenting.

I'll try to explain the personal insults. You see, we get upset when we see Russians dying by the hundreds of thousands and Russia becoming extinct. We get really upset when we see Russia provoking the US into a second cold war, one Russia can't possibly survive and we will have to pay for and live through (again). And we see red when we read the propagandistic lies of the Neo-soviet KGB clan that rules the Kremlin and their Russophile legions. We don't believe in hiding these emotions, we believe in expressing them, especially since we feel there is too much close-to-the-vest stuff as it is where Russia is concerned. We feel that some other tactics have been tried to jolt Russians out of their stupor, and now its time for this one.

Then there's a couple of other reasons. First, we regularly receive personal insults from Russophiles and we have no hesitation in returning them in spades; quite often its the only way they can respond to our recitation of facts. Second, it's a stylist matter. Think of us like, say, Malcolm X or Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus.

I hope that's helpful.

guzhevnikov said...

yea---i understand you're passionate and take alot of cheap shots yourself. some of the insults are beneath someone of your intelligence. dr. malawar, for example, has a decent reputation and a phd, i believe, from cornell. why describe a freelance writer as a loser who can't find real work? anyway, no biggie----but be warned, sharapova's gonna win in NY!!!

La Russophobe said...

GUZHY: It's the fact that he's got a big-time diploma that is so infuriating! How dare he fail to mention Russia's most recent corruption data from a well-respected think tank? And there were a number of other grossly unprofessional lapses which we document. The article gives not the slightest clue of scholarship or objectivity, but reads like propaganda. If he's going to write that way, he's going to catch hell from La Russophobe for it. That's what we're here for! Sure, we could address his text in a more respectful way, but lots of people have tried that in the past an we keep seeing this kind of dreck anyway. Maybe if he gets roughed up he'll stop doing it. At least, we hope so.