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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pravda: Back to the Neo-Soviet Future

Readers interested in seeing Russia's jealous hatred of America displayed in it full hideous neo-Soviet glory should check out Pravda's specal feature "The Demise of America." There, among other things, the reader can learn about:

  • America's uneducated, ignorant youth (you know, the ones who produce a GDP ten times larger than Russia's and have won more Nobel Prizes)
  • President Bush's personal, immoral, life (you know, as opposed to the secret resume of KGB spymaster Vladimir Putin, dissertation stealer)
  • Propaganda in American schools (in Russia not long ago, a major history textbook was banned because it dared to ask students to think about whether Putin was an autocrat)
  • America's anti-multiculturalism (previously discussed by La Russophobe -- Russia is solving its race issue by applying the final solution)
  • American imperialism (Pravda wants America to emulate Russia's equal treatment and respect of Ukraine, Georgia and Chechnya)
  • The imminent impolosion of the U.S. economy (you know, the one that's ten times larger than Russia's)

The reader can also learn a thing or two about how not to translate from Russian into English.

And remember while reading, this isn't a humble little blog like La Russophobe, it's a major Russian newspaper with a large circulation. So it turns out that La Russophobe is merely what John Kenneth Galbraith called "countervailing power."

La Russophobe dares to wonder whether the Russophiles who see only ignorant hatred that must be stopped in any criticism of Russia, which is on a path to extinction, also dislike Ameriphobia and are just as active in trying to stop it, especially since America is the world's most successful and stable democracy, or whether hatred is just fine as long as its hatred of the "right" someone.

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