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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Iron Curtain, Part II

The Moscow Times reports that Kremlin pressure has forced opera diva Anna Netrebko, a star at St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theater, to halt her application for Austrian citizenship following a wave of criticism in the Russian media questioning the her patriotism and accusing the charming soprano of being a traitor.

La Russophobe dares to wonder who will be the next Russian not allowed to accept dual citizenship, and how long it will be after that that "certain very important Russians" will not be allowed to leave the country at all, or will do so only with "bodyguards" who speak into their lapels to the Kremlin taskmasters who watch their every move. First legislators are not allowed to say dirty words like "dollar" or "euro" and then the cream of Russia's crop isn't allowed to have dual citizenship. Neo-Soviet Union? You be the judge.

Think about it, Russians. It's not to late to stop your downward slide.

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